Best blender?


Focused & goin for goal!
Which blender do you use? Which do you think is the best for mixing? Also, another important factor is ease to clean.
I use a stick blender which does the mixing ok and is easy to clean as the bottom half twists off. BUT... the damn thing splashes too much.
Know what u mean about the splashing fiojam.

However, if your blender is up to the job, perhaps the answer might be to buy a high sided container.

I had exactly the same problem as you, but just spent a couple of quid on a pyrex beaker.
sorry, but I have to make a confession, I came into this thread because I misread the title and thought it said 'best bender'

maybe I need glasses. I second the high sided beaker suggestion, I have a stick one that splashes a bit too, but its fine in a tall beaker.

happy blending (not bending lol)