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Best course of action when on night shifts

Hi all

newbe here with a quick query

I work shifts so I do 4 full days 7am-7pm Which are fine, 4 off (fine), 4 nights 7pm-7am (problem) 4 days off (again fine)

My problem when I work nights is when to eat!! I find I eat ALOT more than I would if I was on days or off work. I know one issue is being bored (when its 3am, sat at my desk nothing is happening, and asda is open so I pop out for a bit, and buy some crap cause im bored) that an issue I need to sort out for myself but I dont know which way to do it for my matabolism to be working best.

At the moment I get in 7.30am and go to bed, I get up at 2pm go and get my son, potter about in the afternoon and when he has his afternoon nap I take it aswell lol then I do 'tea' for us all for 6pm (this is my first food of the day) about 11pm at work I have ''lunch'' (at present some crap sandwhich, crisps, yoghurt) then about 3/4am ''Tea'' soup and bread or supernoodles for example but Im also snaking inbetween (sometimes hunger sometimes bordom) but is it best to continue eating in this way just substituting the crap food for good (at tea I would have say weetabix or alternative instead of a proper tea as I see this as an extra meal at the min) or shall I completley change my lifestyle and not go to bed when I get in but stay up with my son, take him to minders at lunch and go to bed then and get up at 6 for work and have breakfast then..........will my body stay more in tune that way and be less hungry instead of feeling like its been up for hours so needs more food.

Anyone who does nights offer their opinion.......or anyone at all with any input?

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I work night shift one week in the month. I have my day start when I get up & I have a light snack then, usually cereal or spaghetti on toast, thatll be around 4pm(ish) I have dinner before I go to work, around 2030 and take 'lunch' in to have at my break in the early hours.

I tend to just go to bed when I get home at 0700 or if I have points left have a very light snack.

It takes a bit of getting used to I must admit

I do pretty much the same as Starlight. On Weight Watchers I tend to fill up on free stuff and spend a lot of my points on choc during nightshift. I know its not ideal but it gets me through it :D
yeah lol I hear ya, getting through it is what its all about!! I have a new gift for falling asleep sat upright :D

thanks for the tips Ill have to work on it the next shift ;)

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