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best time to weigh yourself?????


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ive just been thinking, as after i weighed myself this morning, wrote it all down, and for some reason i jumped on the scales again about 2 hours after and ive gone down another pound.

which sparks the question, on when is the best time to weigh yourself??????
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heh, surly just similar clothes would be ok. i.e a newer pair of jeans that fit.
when doing slimming world i became obsessed with it being the same each week, never ate after 12.00, had to have a wee before and even took my glasses and watch off!!!! as it that would make a difference.
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i weigh in at the dr's ever 2 weeks (as thats what the dr wants for now) and i try and wear the same things for that....
i love weighing in at home... keeps me on track... and yeah if the scales sts (ive not had them go up yet) i try and be mroe strict with myself... and im sure if i went up int the pounds i would be even stricter... im determined to get this weight off... and i dont think (even now i am begining to miss foods i had before that cant have on the tablets) im not going to go off in a huff and eat....
I think Skyegirl probably has the right idea. Usually after 4 weeks you're going to lose something whereas week to week you're going to have ups and downs. So unless you've been pretty bad the whole month you should always get a nice surprise when you go to the docs :)


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I get weighed naked on a morning after i been to the loo. Once a week every friday. It's the best way imo :D
hehe red, now i have an image in my head!!!! :)


Go on smile! =)
A good one i hope lol
hmmm let me think, man naked on toilet!!!!
When I weigh I try to weigh in the morning and after I have been to the ladies :)

Luckily my scales are pretty poo so I avoid them otherwise id be on them all the time
im begining to think my scales are rubbish! lol....
but ill keep weighing myself... i dont think i could do so well if i didnt....
the praise i get from my hubby when i tell him what ive lost (or sts) is amazing, and i think its his reaction i love more than seeing the scales. (although seeing them go down is amazing!!!!)

im not going to claim the extra pound i did see, as i shouldnt have gone on the scales 2wice anyway...... so ill cliam it next week...
lol lets hope its stays off...

and ive got my 2 weekly check up with the Dr next week... so im looking forward to seeing what his scales say.....
I know that you definitely put on more weight during the day so I find that if I weigh myself in the morning by the evening I'm approximately 2-3lb heavier.


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my scales r rubbish i got on them once after the other a few days ago and they gave 4 different readings!

they r only 6 months old and they werent cheap! they r weight watchers ones too!

ive taken batteries out of mine! too much serial weighing!! hehehe

I have weight watchers scales too and I don't have any problems with them (well except if I don't stand right). Do you have the little plastic feet on if you're standing on carpet?


gunna be a fatty for ever
no i weigh on the kitchen tiles! do u only need the feet for carpets?

I think all scales must weigh differently and again weigh you differently at different times of the day, reading between the lines I would say I am definately NOT going to purchase new scales...too much bother I say, I'll stick with the Drs, after all she's the one who records my weight and its her weight records thats any health professional would go by.
Reading the posts has given me a laugh though especially Red naked on the loo!! and Kae with her scales with no batteries on the kitchen tiles...lol, great stuff, I think if I stripped off in my Drs room she'd section me...he he he!
no i weigh on the kitchen tiles! do u only need the feet for carpets?

I think so. I take them off if I'm weighing myself in the bathroom which has tiles. I just try and make sure they're on the tiles not on the join bits


gunna be a fatty for ever
well i use my own scales for motivation but they r not very motivating! Battries are out and i use my RC one a week and only update my ticker an stats using doctors scales!

im quite proud that i havent used my own scales for a while !

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