Best way to mix shakes and soups?


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Have a blender but it isn't so good and useless when you put in icecubes. Any recommendations out there? I know Mike recommends the Argos one (and I have some Nectar points I could use) but anything simpler and cheaper?
Thanks - Louise
I got a handheld blender when I was doing Cambridge and that works a treat. If you use ice then it is probably best to crush the ice in a pestle and mortar first, otherwise, like happened to me, the thing smokes and the blade breaks!! I can't stand the lumps so I always have to use the handblender (whisk it quickly first). I have just bought a mini battery one on ebay as well.
i use a blender - mine cost £20 for asda and is glass. It says it is suitable for crushing ice and i have to say hasnt let me down yet!!!

I cant stand lumpy shakes. YUCK