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Beth - Failure is not an option

S: 16st3lb C: 13st8lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 2st9lb(16.3%)
I'm going through a tough time at the moment and I really need somewhere to focus all my thoughts so this is ideal :) Hopefully I can use this when I'm not having a great day!!

Why I want to loose weight

* To not be an embarrassment to myself and to my partner, I often think that if he see's an old friend they're probably thinking he could have done better.
* I'm the fat girlfriend out of all our friends, they all have lovely slim wives and girlfriends and I'm just this blob who looks out of place.
* To be noticed in work for the right reasons, not be the big, bubbly girl who takes the p*ss out of her weight because she doesn't care while inside she's crying. I hate, hate, hate the fact that I have to listen to the girls in work telling me how much weight they've put on and how it's a squeeze to fit in their size 10 jeans!!
* To not absolutely hate changing rooms and not want to scream in the changing room when I realise I'm a size bigger than I think I am and I'm all hot and bothered then you hear "excuse me can I have these in an 8" :(
* To not think a snigger or a giggle is someone laughing at me
* To not have someone in my family mention my weight everytime I see them or to be called a "Good girl" if I turn down some chocolate cake
* To be invited out and not have my first thought be urgh..do I have to..maybe I can make up an excuse, or decide to go and end up in a heap crying because nothing fits and everything looks too tight!
* To be noticed when I'm out with the girls by men who can't have me because I'm happily engaged :D and not be the token fat girl who looks after the coats and bags
* To be able to go to the doctors and not have my problem instantly diagnosed as weight related and to not take a sneaky peek at my files and see the words patient is an overly large woman/ or patient is bordering on morbidly obese!
* To enjoy the rest of my twenties as a successful, hot, MILF! lol

I'm sure I'll think of more :p
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S: 16st3lb C: 13st8lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 2st9lb(16.3%)
Just reading through those reasons is just a reminder why i'm on here too! Starting a diary is great, I really think that my diary on here really helps me :) Good luck with the rest of your journey!xx
aww thanks :) I was worried I might sound a bit extreme lol but those are my true feelings!! sometimes I forget them and get hooked on wanting something that'll ruin all my good work! I hope that you reach your goal and wish you lots and lots of luck :) xx


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S: 16st3lb C: 13st8lb G: 10st0lb Loss: 2st9lb(16.3%)
The hardest part of weight loss is excepting that you need to change your diet, your behaviour and your relationship with food. This takes commitment and it's this commitment that can often prove to be the hardest part.

Firstly you need to have a good reason to want to loose weight, to want to change your life. Simply saying "I want to look great in jeans" or "fit back into my old clothes" isn't a strong enough reason to change your life. You need to think about why it's important for you to loose weight, if you can't think of anything important it's probably not the right time for you to be embarking on a diet because your not ready to change.

Secondly realise that if you've failed the same diet a couple of times the likelihood is that it just really isn't going to work for you and it's time for a

Finally..be honest with yourself, you're not superhuman, you will fail if you try to change everything. There are limits to what is achievable and what is sustainable. Always remember how far you have come on your weight-loss journey and that if your realistic you will be successful.

CD is just the start, maintaining is all about letting go of that fat person who has always held you back.
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