Beware of Exante orders containing short dated items

Do Exante send you short dated items?

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I've been on and off Exante for about six or seven years now. One thing that really annoys me is that sometimes my orders include short dated items.

Yesterday I ordered four boxes of 50 items but I find some expire in November. Considering it is almost August, that means they expire in three months. I already have shakes and meals left from my previous orders which are all good for 2017, some are even dated late 2017, but I wanted some bars and soups which would keep me going so I didn't need to buy any more through the expensive part of the year, which is for me is October through to March. No indication was given when I placed my order, and they were the normal price.

There is no way I will be consuming all these soups by November, and Exante should realise that their customers don't like to be duped. Exante say items should be consumed by the expiry date because the vitamins etc will lose their potency after this date. I have never had this problem with Lighter Life or Cambridge Diet products, just Exante.

It really puts me off buying boxes of 50 of one particular item from Exante. I am seriously thinking about going back to the Cambridge Diet or trying Lipotrim when I finish my Exante products.

Does anyone else have the same problem with Exante or any of the other VLCD providers?
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Hi Julie,

I placed an order back in May and some of the bars were going to expire by the end of May so it wasn't physically possible to eat them within the time. When I complained they offered me a refund of half the cost or I could return them for a new batch. I took the refund as I work full time and can't wait around for deliveries. However it does put me off ordering any more as sometimes I fall off the wagon and I don't consume everything straight away.