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bexshaw healthy eating diary

hello everyone, first day of a long term new start. no pressure, just healthy eating for vitality and stamina! and maybe lose a stone or two in the process?!

so today so far,

half a banana, decaff coffee with splash of milk and teaspoon honey.

bit early in the day to post but i'll probably forget by the end of the day.

i'm going to try and have more protein for breakfast so maybe next is peanut butter on toast.?
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Peanut butter on seedy toast is really nice. Do you ever eat omelettes for brekkie?. Have you anything nice planned for your lunch and dinner later?.
I'm in work this morning so I've taken a tbsp of scrambled eggs and a tbsp of beans and 2 toasts..I'm stuffed now!. I'm so tired with the clocks going forward..eurgh.
hiya happy em, i'm not a big egg fan really, so i don't eat it alot but i do like omlettes sometimes. my main thing is not really having the opportunity to cook first thing, with my little girls breakfast to get etc etc and before i know it sometimes i haven't had breakfast and have some later. i usually have a piece of toast, fruit, or small bowl of cereals. this is quite quick and not stressful to prepare.

but today i missed proper breakfast, i had another half banana, just cos the bananas we have at the moment have gone all mushy at one end,
then a cheese salad mayo sandwich at mother in laws,
bought lots of bottled water to help the water challenge
then we just got back and my partners gone out for the evening so we had a snack before making tea later. i had a ainsley harriot honey cereal bar and a cream cracker with cheese, butter and grapes on it, and have actually managed to stop at one. am now eating just the grapes instead. i don't really know what to eat for tea, its usually something pasta based cos my daughter likes pasta, so pasta with fried veg in olive oil and herbs with cheese on it for little one. i've been cutting out the cheese on that sort of thing cos its just as nice without and i have cheese on other things so i still eat cheese. thats probably enough rambling now!
yep we're having pasta with carrots courgettes olives mushrooms and fried in olive oil. about 2 tbsp. this is slightly less than i would use normally and i've easy on the pasta and heavy on the veg.which is again a change from the norm. also snacked on gherkins while preparing, might help to decrease the amount i eat for tea! heres hoping!
That pasta dinner sounds lovely!..I think I will finish off my tortellini tonight aswell. Have a nice evening (it's nice to have the house to yourself when the kids go to bed!).
it was pretty good actually and i ate lots of it! but i don't feel any cravings hit so thats a good thing. it sure is good when its bedtime for little ones and you can switch off! i must get some washing done so i've got clean clothes for work tomorrow and get some work done for tomorrow. i run a art class for adults on a monday afternoon, and need to preare a little. we are going to do drawing hot and cold objects, so just got to come up with a selection of inspiriation for everyone. and also clean up this pigsty of a house! :)
thanks for the welcome! don't worry, didn't do too much cleaning, in fact only did half the living room! watched 'so you think you can dance' on bbc iplayer. i love that show am so glad its back! ate skinny cow hot choc plus marshmallows. they are basically air, right? :) then a ainsley harriot apricot and honey bar.

today me and little one are having pears for breakfast so far. tasty but soon gonna need something more substantial!:)
oh and i do an art group for adults from 2-4 on monday afternoon, an afterschool art club on a thursday from 3-4, and an art and crafts activity morning for child(ren) plus guardian on every other saturday 10-12. but the funding for that one is coming to an end so unless i drum up more support and get it to pay for itself, then it will finish. :( but i'm sure i can get more peole to go, but on top of everything else its a bit of a push, but it'll be worth it if i can carry on doing it! cos i love it and don't want to let go of it just yet.

also i don't know if anyone else finds this but as my life gets periodically way too busy and stress levels increase i usually decide i haven't got enough time to be on a diet, and that its quite narcissitic and selfish to spend time on feeling fit and strong and healthy. but this time i think i've realised that i should be that selfish all the time. especially when times get tough, cos then i'm being kind to myself which makes everything that bit more tolerable.:)
Aw, wish I lived near you so I could bring my little boy..he'd love arts & crafts. You're totally right about when you get that busy, you just give up on yourself..the funny thing is that if you don't keep healthy & eat the wrong foods, you end up even more stressed and tired.
Hope you got on well today with your meals. I managed to sit through my little fella eating a bowl of ice-cream today at the beach..I didn't even rob a spoonfull on him!
you've got a will of steel, not to eat that ice cream! you're right about eating healthy to keep your energy up when stress hits. just got to implant that as an action in my brain! yesterday was extreme stress and i went into extreme coping mode. which for me is being a control freak and nothing will stand in my way! i had 3 toast with butter and jam plus two packets of sainsburys basics crisps for breakfast(mmm, healthy(!)) then didn't eat again until tea, when i had two wholemeal pitta with houmous and pasta salad, the second one had gherkins and spicy tomato chutney in it. then i had half a crumpet with butter and jam, it would have been a whole one but my daughter wanted the other half. its funny cos i ate half in the kitchen so i could eat it in peace, but felt like i should leave half so that if she wanted some then she could have that and i wouldn't have to make another one, how lazy is that! then i ate lots of jaffa cakes, which i had bought earlier to assist me in keeping me tolerant in the evening. then i had a cup of coffee while i was reading her some stories, which didn't really work cos i was still falling asleep while reading the stories! but i did make it through the day without getting annoyed which is my main aim when its an extreme stress day, apart from once when trying to get her to get her clothes on!

so heres to a slightly less stressful day i hope and slightly more considered eating!

i find that my cravings when stressed are fatty, carby foods, followed by sugary foods, but apparantly that is due to cortisol rising in the body which makes you crave those things. so all i have to do instead, is when those cravings hit is to calm down so the cortisol goes out of my body. and naturally increase the seretonin rather than with sugary fatty snacks.
but when times get tough i find it almost imossible to ignore the cravings!
so thats my next challenge. deal with stress in a non food way.
missed breakfast, had preprepared pasta salad plus pitta strips and houmous for lunch.
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pizza and jaffa cakes :( stress related:( cant be bothered to cook.
Aw, tommorrow is a new day..don't be hard on yourself. PS (on the up side)..it's a fact that the Manchester United team eat Jaffa Cakes at half time..they're fuel, lol. Your lunch was healthy so just draw a line under it and you'll be grand tommorrow.
thats so kind, thank you!

i had a better day today.

brunch- banana

lunch- pitta, houmous, gherkins

tea- rest of pizza, but smaller portion.

snacks- satsumas

and drinking water right now.

not quite enough food but portion sizes are getting better. i also like the fact that there is no wagon to fall off. i cant go off track because i'm not on a particular track, just being sensible with food. so no binging attacks so far, because no denying is going on. house is spick and span which is making me feel better and less stressed, more in control.:)
plus two small granary rolls, one with cheese houmous and tomatosauce, and one with spicy beanburger houmous and tomato sauce. with partner when he came home from band practice. i was quite hungry cos i hadn't eaten for a little while, and was trying to stay up to get craft activities sorted for tomorrows work. thats done now, well for one job anyway. but brain is tired now and will not work any more so bedtime i think.:)
lost a few pounds already. seems just by cutting out unhealhy snacks. definately given me more confidence in it.

breakfast - bowl of cereals
That's great!...It really spurs you on when you notice clothes fitting better and a few pounds off. See, I told you those Jaffa cakes weren't all that bad, lol.
ha! cheers. :)

had quick snack before work. bit rushed for time, so half jam sandwich, salt and vinegar sainsburys basics crisps, three fig rolls

then when i got back, two jaffas, then i made tea of lidls korma sauce with veg, basmati rice, mango chutney, 2 mini naans garlic and coriander. reasonable portions and really quite full now!

i'm enjoying not calorie counting, just having smaller portion sizes than i would normally. seems to be working so far. i definatley feel more in control and less binge likely. :)

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