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Big Brother (not cd related!)


Going for Goal!
Who watches Big Brother?

Is anyone else cringing at the way Sree will just not leave Noirin alone. Constantly touching the poor girl, and telling her that he is in love with her - what a joke. I ended up shouting at the tv "leave her alone" I do feel for her I must say.

I hope Cairon goes on Friday - I think Freddy (aka Half Wit) is hilarious!

Hugs x x x
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I hope they both go. I don't like Freddie, I think that he's a dick, and no way is going to be an mp next year with a name like Halfwit.

Cairon is too gangster - all up in his disrespekta, he needs to go, his language is awful :mad:

Angel is weirding me out, why aren't they concerned about her not eating?

Shree does make me cringe too.

I <3 Rodrigo at the moment.

Why is charlie half naked all the time?


Going for Goal!
Yes I see what you mean.

I do like Freddie tho, he does make me laugh - being such a posh nonse! ha ha!

YES I TOTALLY AGREE with the Angel thing. Im very suprised she hasn't been taken in the diary room to have the 'not eating for 3 days' addressed. I do think there may be an underlying problem tho - she is extremely thin and obsessed with exercising, and she drinks gallons of water. Sounds anorexic to me.

I do like Roderigo too - he's a nice kind over 'average mill' guy.

Did you really ask why Charlie is always half naked? Isn't that a fashion statement for gays? Short shorts and lots of nakedness?

Marcus is another one that gets on my wit - what a rude man.

I'm not sure about Carly (were you refering to the scottish blonde one?) she quite quiet atm, so looking forward to her finding her feet a bit more and livening up. I find her diary room 'say exactly what she thinks' hilarious! Her Scottish sayings crack me up!

Hugs x x x
I know, that's what endeared me to her. The way she was describing Freddie/Halfwit was so so funny.

I'm from NZ and don't hear it often so just adore the scottish accent. "I cannae beeeer it, halfwit makes me cringe..." - love it!

I guess I hadn't really thought that through with Charlie :D


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For the first year since the start of BB I cannot stand it at all, they are the worst bunch of housemates yet. I find them all boring to watch, i think there is something wrong with me i used to roll eyes at people who slagged it of, now im one of them oh no.lol
I agree with you, though since this is my first UK BB - I'm kinda getting into it. We only got the Aussie ones at home which I was so into for the first few seasons, then they too started to bore me.


Going for Goal!
TBH I think it would bee much better if they put 'normal average Joes' in the house. It seems every year they try to find the most extreme characters.

This year is not looking like one of my fave BB series.

I'm still going to watch it every evening though - just incase it perks up :p

Hannahbanna - didn't realise you were an aussie girl :d My HB Dad is from Melbourne! Not been myself (short of funds) but I definately hope to go in my lifetime. Are you planning on staying in the UK?

Hugs x x x
Hannahbanna - didn't realise you were an aussie girl :d My HB Dad is from Melbourne! Not been myself (short of funds) but I definately hope to go in my lifetime. Are you planning on staying in the UK?

Hugs x x x
I'm actually a kiwi, NZ being a little too small to have their own BB (I think we tried it but it bombed out)

Melbourne though is my favourite Australian city, and after my OH and I have been here about 2-3 more years, we're considering Melbourne as our next stop, depending on jobs, marriage, babies and all that stuff that will come next in our lives.

I'm here on a working visa so can only be here for max 5 years, which then if I wanted I could apply for residency but....

Even though I love living here, NZ is home, and it's so so far away, so we'll end up back around that side of the globe soon to be closer to family.

Both NZ and Australia are very cool and you should go funds permitting one day :cool:

Main reason we're here is to TRAVEL this side

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