Big Confession, Hate myself for it!


Finally...Life begins
Done so well over the last 7 weeks, lost more than i have ever done in my life on a diet, and yesterday I kicked myself out of ketosis big time. Wasn't sure I was going to tell you wall this, but today I felt quite good about getting back on track, whereas in the past I would have probably just given up and carried on eating rubbish forever and gaining more weight than I had lost.

So here is my confession!

It all started after dropping my nephew off at a birthday party, a few of the mum there mentioned my weight loss and said I looked so good for it, and what do I do? treat myself with food. But not just something small, the list is like this...

(all over the day, not all at once! I am not sure what would have been worse, I even knew I shouldnt be doing but I didn't stop myself!)

2 bags of McCoys Crisps new ones, wanted to see what they were like, Cheese and Pickle Flavour and Sausage and Onion flavour. (not particularly nice, but still finished both packs)

2 Very hot peperami things that burnt my tongue and mouth really bad, but the 2nd one later in the day didnt' stop me again.

it gets worse..

A snickers bar (horrible tasting now but ate it)

2 choc chip cookies

then a chinese takeaway..

Monkfish in blackbean sauce with extra veg and half a portion of Singapore Style noodles.

I was stuffed half way thru but still forced myself to eat the rest. It was delicious and I could have been worse I would usually have duck curry, so picked better but I know i shouldnt have picked anything at all. I wasn't even hungry.

I was 100% committed to this and I dont really know why I still done it. Of course I am totally out of ketosis the colour might as well have been brilliant white if it could have been!

Pleased to say back on track, my scales this morning had increased by 4 pounds and it would serve me right if they still said that on WI day on Thursday.

I know i could have been a lot worse but still not sure why I couldnt stop myself from doing that much damage.

I take it as a step forward on my journey, I am obviously no where educated enough to enjoy a little bit of food and stop.

Back on track today.

:mad: :mad: :mad:
your not the first and you wont be the last, the important part is how you deal with it, and you seem positive, and your back on track, see it for what it was a blip, your human, good luck keeping on track :)
I think everyone on a VLCD is gonna sway off course at one time or another. The main thing is you are back on track again willing to give it your best shot.
Forget that day altogether. Look forward stay strong xoxox
You can't undo it but mistakes are only bad if we don't learn from them.

What an excellent point. Try to take the opportunity to learn from this because you know that if you can take something positive out of this then you have learnt a lesson that will stand you in good sted for the rest of your life rather than having a blip free time which is only great in the short term whilst you are trying to lose weight. ;)
Hi Ajax

Don't hate yourself. You are one of the most inspirational people on here. Think of your massive achievement and put your blip behind you. I to have had a couple of those days and it really does depress but the best thing is to just carry on and try to learn from it and remember how terrible it felt afterwards. The next few days may be hard and you may like to slightly change your 'menu' or something to make it feel like a new start (that worked for me) but you know you can do it and it was a breeze for you before and will be again. Hopefully your stomach will soon empty and you may even still have a weightloss this week inspite of one 'very naughty day' Best wishes to you Dizzyx
Oh Angela-it feels bloody awful doesn't it?
Ive had a blip too- a bite of cheese yesterday-and it went downhill from there !

I have written down how I felt after eating half a pack of cheese, and a bag of crisps onto the back of my calendar.
Today when I really wanted to eat, I looked at what I had written-and it did help me not to reach for the food again.

You've just got to put it behind you- hard I know!!!

My mindset was oh I've had a bite-Ive messed up ketosis I might as well eat all of it now. So I've learnt that I nibble= a full on binge.

Best wishes for a really good few days until weigh in!
Ange, What can I say, 2 things you can do, one is let it beat you and keep eating, or 2, slap it right behind you and carry on, its not easy at all isnt this, I can totally understand how you've done it and I bet most of the people on here can.

Dont let it beat you, you have done so bloomin well x
Been there done that! NOT proud to say I've given in 3 times so far in the 15 weeks I've been doing SS - BUT I've still managed to lose every week..... So you may still lose this week yet, just guzzle LOADS of water and think positive. You can never take back what's done, but you can remember how you feel about it for next time you're tempted.
In the meantime I suggest you sit with pen a paper and plan some treats you really would like that are not food related. Then next time you deserve a reward you have a list to pick from...... much safer! Worth a try ;)
You've had your day... now be good and you know the results! ;) And you'll be back in ketosis withing a couple of days..
We all do it hun, and even if it ever happends again it doesn't end your diet unless you want it to!
((hugs)) you'll be losing again soon!
Oh honey, i know how you're feeling!! It's horrendous! Sooo, write down exactly how you feel and the next time you get the urge you can read it!!

What's done is done and the four pounds is just glycogen and you will lose it again in a coupla days...

You have done so amazingly well on this diet, don't let this tiny blip put you off... well done on getting back on track, just don't give in to the temptation again cos you'll be making your journey completely torturous!!

Sending you lots of hugs...
Hiya Angela

Ok you have two paths in front of you!

One of them is to just think you have failed, think there is little point in going on, think that you have let everyone down and are destined to be big the rest of your life.

The other path is the one to slimdom, that one where you learn from your mistakes and do a journey and not just a diet. It's a path where you realise that everything in life is a choice, including food, and although you choose to eat today you can choose to be abstinant from tomorrow so that you finish this mad diet as soon as possible and then enjoy the rest of your life.

Which path do you choose ?

(It's the one on the left in case the signpost is a bit dark now it is getting into winter)
Hi Ajax,

Honey, you didn't put all your weight on over the last 7 weeks - it's happened gradually over years I expect. So that's years and years of habit forming eating - you can't expect to break such an ingrained habit in just 7 weeks. OK, there are some amazing people out there who are able to SS 100% right from day 1 but for every one of them there are 10 more of us who struggle.

Let's face it, you've taken a major step forward in admitting what happened and looking to address your issues on here - first time I blew it I wasn't strong enough to admit what I'd done to myself let alone admit it on here. That IS a real achievement.

If you want to dwell on anything, think about what SIDs (Seemingly Insignificant Decisions) you made which facilitated the blip and plan what you would do differently next time. For example, I found it much harder to abstain if I'd not drunk enought water, not eaten my packs at regular times and the principal issue for me - buying the blip making food in the first place!

Look forwards not back and well done for getting back on track.You can do it and you will do it!!!

Hi Ajax

You have had some fantastic advice on here already and I have little to add other than well done on getting back on track - how many times in the past would this have spelt disaster and the end of your diet?

It is all part and parcel of the learning process - after all it took years and years of eating the wrong things in the wrong amounts to get to the stage of needing to do something drastic and that won't all change overnight!
Eveyone has already said it all, it was one day out of 49, don't focus on that one focus on the other 46 and you can get back on track. Hugs xx
What an excellent point. Try to take the opportunity to learn from this because you know that if you can take something positive out of this then you have learnt a lesson that will stand you in good sted for the rest of your life rather than having a blip free time which is only great in the short term whilst you are trying to lose weight. ;)

I had my first blip tonight on only me 2nd day of management but I am taking my own advice and carrying on regardless :D

One blip doesn't constitute a failure and progress has been made as I learn not to leave left overs about now I am back on conventional food :eek:
Hi Angela,

I can only agree with what everyone else has said.

I've not had a good weekend either (mine was alcohol though).

Just like you I'm back on track and you can do it, you've done so well in such a short spae of time.

Keep going.
T H A N K Y O U E V E R Y O N E!!!

Felt really low the past couple of days, but think I am starting to realise what triggers my eating! Thats progress I am sure, still have a lot to work at, but I will get there, especially with all your support. Its be so invaluable to me, you don't realise just how much it means to me.

Onwards and upwards (well downwards for the scales and clothes size anyway!)

Whats done IS DONE this week, I will take whatever the scales say and look for a good result next week.

Thank you all again, it means so much to me.

Big HUGS to you all!!