Big craving...


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In search of me

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Cant help on the craving as not started yet but must have a record for the biggest build up!!) but just wanted to send some encouragement. I'm sure it must get better as people wouldnt stick it otherwise and all I can sugest is diversion tactics. Play one of the arcade games (many are totally addictive!!), take up a hobby such as crafting, sewing or anything to keep you busy and take your mind off food! You'll get there!


Water water everywhere seems to be Crave-Day

craving a lot of food..everything and anything..

when will these cravings stop?

Can't help you there, I've been having strong cravings for two weeks and it's been killing me. I've resisted but it's been hard. I've come on today though so hopefully that'll be the end to them!!!!


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i painted all my nails red today. ha ha...

that took me off the cravings...

plus i started some relaxing fitness classes to tone my muscles which shd keep me busy even after work (another time when the cravings hit in). didnt go today coz of course my body is sore...out of shape...

oh well..we can all do positive.

cheers to skinny-ton!!
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