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BIG family meal.....


Is Irrepressible!! : )
So last night I went to the parents house as some family from up the line were down to visit. For reasons I won't go into here, I haven't seen or spoken to my parents for 8 months and was quite surprised when they contacted me to see if my OH, kids and I would like to come along.

My mum had cooked for 12 people (lasagne, garlic bread, salad etc), but I had for-warned them that I would not be eating due to being on this diet and no mum, I will not be requiring any alcohol thank you very much or any food whatsoever, I shall bring my own.

Well, I got a few compliments from the parents- family up the line haven't seen me for 11 years so wouldn't have known any different but still it was nice to see them. My mum however kept saying: "Do you want an apple or banana. Just have one bit of garlic bread. What about some salad- surely you can have salad?" Then she said "Go on have one little glass of wine". Just to make the point I said, "Well if you want me to fall down dead in the middle of your kitchen, then I'll have one- but if not, I will decline!".

Anyway, the only thing that tempted me was the garlic bread because it smelt nice but I did abstain so it's all good. And it looks like we are on talking ground again- so that's good. We are going over again tonight for big family meal mark two- and once again I will take my lovely soup and sparkling water and I shall be content :D

I just wanted to share this as I think that all of us CAN cope with (potential) stressful situations without turning to food for comfort and massive family meals without caving in - as long as you want the weight loss as much as I do!

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Hi well done for abstaining, where have a family BBQ tomoz which was organised for I decided to start LT having gone to the pub last night with friends and drank WATER all night I think I will survive.Only three people now Im doing LT as I dont want the negative comments.
Any way keep strong you are doing really well looking forward to my first WI next Tuesday.

When i first started on LT i went to my mums the first week. I only visit on a weekend. I told her that i was on LT she did exactly the same "do you want a cup of tea with just a splash of milk" i replied "no mum i'm ok with water" 10 minutes later "do you want a bit of salad" again i replied "no mum i'm not allowed" "well salads not fattening what about a orange or a piece of chicken". They just dont get it do they and they wont take no for an answer. lol x


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The more often you can go to these social gatherings involving food and the more often you resist, the easier it becomes. And gradually your family will begin to accept that you are serious about weight loss. At least that is what I found.
Though now most members of my family have started to say Stop the diet, you have lost enough.... actually my mum started to say that when I was still obese. But I am determined to stay the course, and they will just have to accept that. I dont argue with them, just very obviously change the subject so they know I am not prepared to discuss it.


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You strong woman you!
That must have been difficult, garlic bread is on a par with bacon and chips for a tempting smell. Congratulations on your resolve. :patback:


Is Irrepressible!! : )
Witchie.... my mum said the same to me about stopping the diet now. She said that I shouldn't want to lose anymore as I had lost enough. I couldn't be bothered to go into the fact that I was still overweight and want to get down to a healthy BMI because I knew it would be lost on her! She said that she had recently lost 1 and a half stones whilst going to Slimming World, but has now put it all back on. She said that she didn't like not being able to eat what she wanted- I did mention the fact that that is what a diet is for! Oh well..... there's no helping some people!

Fragglerock64: Best of British with the BBQ tomorrow, honestly you will be fine xx I found it hard to cook and be around my family eating in the first two weeks- but now it really doesn't bother me at all. Ketosis Rocks!

As for the rest of us, we just need to remind ourselves how brilliant we are that we are beating our demons, re-educating ourselves (and potentially our families and friends), and at the end of it will be slimmer, healthier, happier human beings!


rainbow brite

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Check your bad self out woman!!! Brilliant result on both counts!! (Nan is the same with 'just a leeettle bit of salad surely can't make you put on weight!') It's great that things have hopefully settled down with the parents sweetie, and well done you for going in the first place!! :D You're my little star and I love you lots xxxx
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Well done Medea, fantastic willpower.

Neither my mum or my MIL have ever asked me if just a little won't hurt!!!!

Fraggle, the barbeque will be a breeze! I have been to 3 since starting LT and only my OH and children knew I was on LT. I managed to just drink water all night (although I did have to pretend to have a plate of food after the first time but my children cleared my plate for me and no-one was the wiser!)

Good luck to everyone who needs to draw on their willpower this weekend.

I have had so many foody occassions since starting LT - and each one has been a breeze to handle - i sniff the food - and sniff the food - ohhh and sniff the food some more!!! But it has never entered my mind to shuv it in my mouth - I really am not interested in how it tastes - the smel of it is enough so satiate me.

Everyone looks at me quizzically when i tell them that - as they know i was a 'stuff ya face with as much as possible' kinda gal before this journey started.

In fact - i could quite happily never eat again to be honest lol

hmmmmm having said that lettuce cucumber and tomatoes drizzled in balsamic vinegar does sound like the biggest treat int he world to me.

Salad has one of the best smells in the world to me now - fresh and clean and pure heaven ..... i could sniff it all day long

ok ok - i will await the men in white coats to come pick me up

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Lisa that is soooooo true! I love to sniff the children's tea but that is enough for me!

and salad!!!! I would love to have a bowl of lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and peppers, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

lmao CF we have so been brainwashed my LT!!!

too funny!!
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That is sooooooo true! I would never have craved salad before LT!!!!


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