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Yes thats me. Even after feeling completely miserable for cheating a bit last week...I did it again, and again...and again!!

A spoon of rice, a bit of chicken, and just now a piece of fish.:eat:

AARGH it's horrendous I know, but if I'm honest I don't think it's about self control.

Ya see I manage to convince myself (with the help of my darling mum!) that not only is it okay and won't make a difference, but that a bit of food is actually going to be good for me!!

Which is really bad because it means whenever anyone offers me anything, I'll justify it to myself, and could potentially ruin all of my hard work!
So please can you guys convince me that it is NOT ON!!

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Hi Nugabug, sounds like you would be best doing ss+ where if you fancy a little bit of food you have the choice. Im on week two of restart two and ive found myself cheating when food is put under my nose. I have restarted today doing ss+ and just knowing that i can go home tonight and have a little bit of food is making this diet a little bit easier for me.
Yeah that would really be worth thinking about, but what I don't want is to slow down my weight loss too much, do you think I would still get the stone a month?


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oh dear!!! dont worry hun i know how u feel:rolleyes: its really up 2 u which plan u think u can manage theres no point doin ss if u dont think u can stick 2 it .they are both right ss+ could be the answer 4 u... u will get good loss on this plan and just have that little meal at nite ..once u get into the diet and properly into ketosis u might be able 2 move up 2 ss if thats wat u want ...good luck hun xx
My cdc assures me that the average weightloss is still the same as ss and has someone on her books who has lost 4 stone in 3 months doing ss+. so it definately does work hun :D
dont b 2 hard on ureself,i cant c that rice or fish is gonna do major damage,its not like u been stuffing choccy bars,and id deffo go down the ss+ route,ive been doing it 5 and a half weeks and ive lost over 2 stone so it works just aswell as ss xx

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If I were you I'd definitely consider doing SS+, yeah technically you may lose a 1lb or 2 less per month but it'll still work out a heck of a lot faster than if you cheat all the time! Good luck x
You will be fine, I had a few blips on the way and I have now just got to target so if I can do it - so can you!! What kept me from heavily cheating was telling myself how much money it was costing me and to cheat was just to chuck the money down the drain. That worked for me!! xx

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