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Big loser!

Well, I've officially hit the big 5st loss!! And still 5 days to go until I reach the 100 day milestone. I'm absolutely amazed that I've lost this much in Foundation.

I want to lose 3st in Development and then lose the final stone in management which will take me to 10.7st. Which I think is healthy for my frame/height/BMI. (I've got a heavy frame, and am almost 5ft 8)

I've got in my head that I can lose this 3st in 2 months, based on the speedy Foundation loss. Now I'm a bit worried that I may have got ahead of myself slightly! Is this achievable? Would there be any reason particularly why my losses would slow down at this stage with still 3 to 4st to lose?

There are a number of speedy Mini losers on the board so I wondered if any of you out there followed a similar loss pattern as this? I'm over half way now and whilst I'm flexible on the numbers I do want to have an end date in sight that I can work towards.

I told some of my girl friends that I thought I looked like I had way more than 3st to lose, and they were like "Noooooooo you absolutely do not!" But you know what friends are like!! They weren't saying that in a 'ooh its getting dangerous now/you've been doing this for too long etc' kind of way, but I think because I look so different now in other people's eyes. Whereas I think I'm merely just starting to look like I used to, and there's still a while to go until I look exactly like I used to!

Anyway, I'm thrilled with my loss so far and definitely feel like I'm over half way there. I've always been in the mind set that this will take as long as it needs to take, but with the speediness of the losses so far I think I just need to reassess my goals.

Happy Saturday everyone :D
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hi tiger, im sorry i have no advice for you as im at the begining of my journey, i just wanted too say well done on losing 5 stone thats amazing. Im sure someone will be along soon to help.


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Well done Tiger girl! A great loss, I wanted to make 5 stone too in Foundation, but at my final WI fell 1.5lb short!! Oh poop!

I am not sure about further losses, but I have a friend locally who has lost over 6.5 stone to date, and she says it def slowed down for her. As you get slimmer, your body needs less energy just to move around, live etc., therefore logically it will burn less of your stored energy ie fat.

Mind you, I am certain there must have been exceptions to this rule!

Wishing you well on the rest of your journey, I still have about another 5stone to go!



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Hi Tiger
What an achievement! Well done you!
Not idea about Development as I'm running way behind you at the moment but I'm sure you'll do it. x


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Tiger well done - you've done so very well.

I'm not sure to be honest whether it does slow down as such as you get thinner, I was wondering would it slow as my body gets used to the diet but I suppose the slimmer you are the more you're movements naturally speed up so dunno.

At the most even if it does slow down the 3stone should only take 3 months to go and that's no time at all.

You stick with doing what you're doing :)


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