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Big Test Coming Up

7 weeks in to this now, and I face my first real major test.

I'm heading out soon to a barbeque in honour of my best mate who is emigrating in a couple of weeks time. Now so far I have managed to go to the pub and stick to pints of water, and I am quite happy to sit at the table with my family while they eat, but standing around with all my old mates with a load of bbq food and beer about is going to be really testing!

I'm making sure I've had plenty of water today and 3 out of the 4 packs. I'm not hungry anyway, but just being able top smell it all is going to get me salivating!

I haven't lapsed yet, and I'm determined it won't happen tonight either.

Have any of you any tips to make this easier?

Wish me luck! :)
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Someone in my LL group said they went to a BBQ, when the food was served they went off & did some washing up.
Maybe you could do that or go for a walk around the block.
You are brave, don't think I could do it!


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You will be able to do it and you'll feel better when you have done. I've done a couple of bbq's and meals out now - you've just got to think of the end results.


I've been invited to a bbq and have had to say no. I've survived all sorts of stuff, meals out, black tie dinners, and tonight a full on hospitality pack at a tv thing. But for some reason the bbq is a bridge too far! Probably because the food bit goes on way too long and there's no clear stop time! The smell lingers forever and its just too tempting for me. I would definitely go for the washing up example, or the going for a walk tip. :)


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You could always try having a pack while they are eating or a bar. It's what I do. I have been out to eat with the family and we do a lot of family get togethers and I just have my "food" when they are and I find that even though I am a bit jealous I can work through it.


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Just be strong and hang on in there u'll get through it...
My family are actually havin a BBQ tomorrow and I am dreading it as I knocked myself out of ketosis on thursday with Tabasco sauce...ended up caving in yesterday... I spent today eating protien and veg..trying to go back into mode...Ideally I want to get back on track like NOW...But I know tomorrow will be hard...
So Good luck to u...7 weeks in u'll do it!!
Well I made it through the whole evening without cracking. It was actually made a lot easier as almost all of my friends made great comments about how much better I looked and how great I'd done so far. I'd have felt even more guilty if I'd have cracked there in front of them!

Onwards and downwards (in weight) eh!


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:clap: well done, you've come through it really strong - bet you feel great for having succeeded!

Oh I do. The comments I received last night brought home how well I've done and have spurred me on to finish what I've started.

I hope everyone else comes through these tests the same and they make them more determined too.

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