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  1. Dietriffic

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    Hey all,

    Hope everyone is well!

    Just wondering what your biggest weight loss challenge is?

    I think there are so many things that make being healthier difficult, but I'm just wondering what specific things you find difficult as you lose weight, or maintain your weight loss?

    Mine would have to be MAKING the time to exercise! It's difficult, and I often end up saying, "I'll do it tomorrow!!"

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  3. Less Rotund One

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    Hi mel, I would echo your thoughts on the exercise front.

    Its just too cold/wet/dark to go out for a run.:D

    I am thinking of getting another treadmill (yes we did actually used to use our other one!) as then I don't have that excuse.

    Someone should invent one where you can surf the net while exercising. What a bonus - minimins while you burn calories!

    LRO xx
  4. bluet

    bluet Banned

    the biggest challange of all is to avoid a fatty chocolate cake, but lucky me, I found a great low-fat chocolate milk in a local store. They also have a soy bean snack bar.
  5. Lostris

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    I have trouble making time to excersize too haha. I do ride my bike to school which is 30-40mins each way.. giving me enough excersize mins per day sorta but I find I don't yet have the energy to work out at a gym or do a certain sport :)

    I'm hoping to get the energy for this when I move up the CD-plans and re-introduce food / carbs. :)

    I've always been relatively lazy and I don't like working out alone.. it's BORING. I might join some group or whatever at the studentsgym but I'll have to check it out when I'm nearer to my goal,

    xx Lostris
  6. bluet

    bluet Banned

    Riding your bike can help to burn calories, and you can enjoy some music while you're riding on the bike
  7. jan87

    jan87 Full Member

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    knowing that one piece is enough. i really struggle with over eating. before id deprive myself and then id be life right saturday ill have my treat day, grand. saturday comes and id literally eat crap from the moment i went got uip to the moment i went to bed. im really trying to get into the frame of mind that a treat is a treat. so now if i want it i have it but thats it. well almost. im getting there and im a lot happier about my eating habits at the moment. xxx
  8. bluet

    bluet Banned

    The eating habit is definately the one thing that you should change first before you even get on the treadmill, but some people can a lot and exercise a lot, and they still lose weight
  9. cokkieinblueboots

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    slimming world
    I need to lose 8stone so that in itself is my biggest challenge, but i have two small children so not eating their leftovers is bloody hard!
  10. SusieQ

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    Rosemary Conley
    Exercise! So I attend Rosemary Conley classes and love it! I tend to do 3 classes a week so I know I am getting in a good amount of exercise in addition to daily things like walking the dog but I know without the classes I would always think I would do it tomorrow
  11. sarah_parker16

    sarah_parker16 Full Member

    Same here! tomorrow is another day :( bad habit
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