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biggest ever

I joined Slimming World 5 years ago at my biggest ever weight. I lost 5 stone and over the last 3 1/2 years it's all crept back on.

I joined again at the beginning of the year, was off to a good start and moved house and since then I have found it hard to get into - but can't figure out why!

I weighed in last night at a new all time heaviest! It's really depressing but this time I AM going to do it, I need to stop sabotaging everything once I have a bad week - anyone got any tips?
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Hi Mate

What's done is done- onwards and upwards from here, eh kiddo?

Well done for going to class again rather than just convincing yourself you can't do it and walking away.

My own best tip is to NOT look at all the negative things about being overweight, but all the positive things about you being healthy, confident and happy.

I am not a fan of sticking a 'fat' picture on your fridge as a deterrant- this is unhealthy self-bullying. Instead put up a picture of you looking slimmer and happy as an incentive- imagine how you will feel when you achieve this fantastic goal

Good luck, babe!
I found it easier when I accepted that it was going to take a while and that I needed to plod along. Don't put too much pressure on yourself to do a quick job, but don't give yourself too much lee-way either.
Good luck, take a deep breath and don't look back.
thanks, i will dig out a thin piccie and stick it up! Fat pics dont do it for me either - they just make me want to raid the (empty) biscuit tin!

I need to set mini goals I think. The first time I did SW it was easy cos I didn't know what it could do for me - I didn't know I would be able to lose 5 stone on it, but I do now and I want the 5 stone off NOW!

Will start with 7lb I think!
I know what you mean- it is all too easy to judge ourselves now by our past successes and failures. This is really dangerous and unhelpful (but we are human and unfortunatly a bit obsessed at being nasty about ourselves!!!!)

You are doing the right thing, in the right place and very capable of doing this- sensibly.

Mini-targets are and excellent idea- keep it within reaching distance and you are less likely to think "f**k it! I'll have a packet of custard creams"

Go for it, mate xxxxxxxx

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