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biggest fear..

Did anyone see day break this morning with the woman who lost 6stone and had all that saggy skin? Well that's my biggest fear with losing weight. I'm exercising as well as dieting but am so scared ill end up with loads of loose skin too coz I've got 5 stone to lose and will definitely not be able to afford to get it cosmetically removed as dont have that kind of money!
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I've heard that if you do plenty of exercise it will cut down on the saggy skin. I also think I heard that some people qualify to get it removed on the NHS. I may be wrong but could be worth looking into.

You can get it done on the NHS, My sister-in-law lost 8 stone and asked about removal of the skin on her stomach (her only real problem) and was put straight on the waiting list for a tummy tuck

Also there is a lot to be said for losing it slowly, more likely to have excess skin if you have sudden massive weight loss.
That's what she was saying this morning. She wanted to get it done on the NHS but they declined her. Think I'm going to book in with one of the personal trainers at the gym and get some advice becaause I really don't want to end up with dealing with that at after I lose the weight I need to lose. I think I'll be devastated!
I guess it depends what health authority you come under. Take it slow, get the right exercises (yes a personal trainer will be ideal) and moisturise, that is all we can do. I'm hoping I don't have lots but I know how my skin is after having kids that I will have some :sigh:
Yeah I guess you're right. No point getting side tracked - stick to the now, thanks! xx

p.s how do you add all the extras at the bottom of your profiles to show how much your losing? I'd quite like to add one of those myself. Sorry, newbie here and still finding my feet! :)
Dead right, no point getting sidetracked or scaring yourself. The journey ahead is tough enough without anything like that. What diet are you following?

Not sure how much you can add as you haven't made many posts. Think it might only be a ticker at the moment. You get more space the more posts you make. If you go to the chit chat section there are a few games that will build your posts up in no time.

To make a ticker go here.... very simple and will give you something under your posts to show your losses until your post count is up Graphical Tickers and Trackers: Weight Loss, Trying To Conceive, Pregnancy...
Thank you. That's a great help. I've managed to set up my ticker now so that's a good start!

I'm following Slimming World but doing it at home as can't afford to go every week and have done it before (yep, I'm one of those!) so hope to be able to stick to it alone, especially leading up to Xmas where I have so many nights out planned. It's going to be a real challenge, but hopefully this will keep me focused.
My sister did SW a few years back... she won slimmer of the year but not sure if it was regional or national.

I can't see the problem with doing it at home unless you need the official weigh in to keep you motivated...but you can get plenty of that on this board...you can get your ass kicked too if you request it lol!

Not sure how SW works but can you save points/syns for your blow outs. Ultimately all diets that work are a case of calories in v calories burned and going over one day will not hurt too badly if you can go under on a couple of other days.
hahaha, love it! No doubt there will be occassions when i'll need a good kick up the backside!!
I worry about saggy skin all the time. I'm certain I'll have loads. I can't afford surgery so not sure what I'll do. Just hoping that prevention is better than the cure, as I'll be following all ur advice :)


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