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Biggest loser UK



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I'm nightshift tonight but I've sky + it, is it as good as the American one? X
pretty good so far. don't understand why they haven't said all the weights though? did I miss it?
I usually don't as I find it crap compared to the american and australian ones but I'm recording it to watch this year cos I'm a momma on a mission lol x

I find weight loss shows VERY motivating!

Emma x
me too. I love any weight loss story. Ive got about 200 weight loss magazines and get them out every so often to read the stories. Can't stop buying RC, SW and WW mags even though not doing the diet.
I like zest magazine, just subscribed as part of my new me scheme lol x


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I am officially the biggest fan on The Biggest Loser!! I love it! Both UK and the US one.
The trainer on the UK show is my mate! Boy done good! :)


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I watched the first episode the other day and I think they have put a bit more money into it this year. In the trailer for it as well it showed them doing challenges and temptations so it is seeming a lot better than before. I am sure they must have seen series 10 of the US version before they made the UK version as the first thing they did is exactly the same as the US one.

I love any weight loss show at all. Biggest Loser US, Aus and UK, fat families and X-weighted (canadian). Sometimes I can just about bear you are what you eat but only for the actual weight loss story not tips!!
I love supersize vs superskinny. Hope that comes on soon
I Sky+ it and it was quite good. I love to watch any weight related TV x
Yup x-weighted is one of my faves too but I watch em all, is it ironic that me and hubby used to watch them with a take out lol x
ooo, i finally got a chance to watch this last night. Although mum had started it before i got in from work :p. I sat on the sofa with a mug of broth! Yum yum. It was a good programme, deffinately something i wouldn't of watched before this diet.x


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Yeah I did. What a bunch of fat pigs (sorry)
Did you see how much they enjoyed eating all those fatty sugary treats?!!
They've learned nothing!!
And sorry I don't buy the explanation that it was to gain the pound advantage at the weigh in. They just wanted to eat it!
Apart from the young chap. He's an inspiration.

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Don't mean their size. Just the attitude. In fact on the US version they had a similar challenge and all of them refused eating it because their weight loss was more important than to them than game playing. And every single one of them were much bigger than the UK contestants!
Sorry I didn't mean to offend anyone. My bad.

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I must admit the first thing I thought when they started eating the temptation stuff was the US contestants wouldnt have dreamed of doing that - nor would they have dared to. I couldnt believe they all gleefully tucked into the stuff, and even more surprisingly the trainers didnt tear a strip off them for it. Can you imagine Jillians reaction if ONE person had a cake, let alone the lot of them.


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Well I'm friends with Richard and I know that unfortunately a lot of that stuff is decided for by the producers to make 'good tv'. Sadly our trainers haven't got that much of a say. Not as much as Bob and Jillian!
But watch next weeks episode. They will have a similar temptation and this time they will get their asses kicked by the trainers big time!

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it was quite sad to watch i thought - they havent learnt anything really - some of them were absolutely relishing the tastes of their favourite foods and im afraid that they will probably be the same when they leave the house - like you said the only one who did not want to paritcipate and who seems to have really started to turn his life around was Rob who is on a mission! it is really good tv and i love it but at what price to the contestants i wonder?

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