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Biggest Loser

I do like it when I see someone who is a similar weight to myself but remember we wont all look the same as we carry our excess weight in different areas, I am all boobs n belly with skinny legs lol


starting again!
Its on LivingIT - new season, it started at 9.

I know what you mean about how you carry it, but I always think to myself, I'm not that bad, clearly now I am so I need to sort it out. This should help with some motivation though, as even though I've got some tablets I've been trying to have some reduced fat days and haven't quite managed it yet!!


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
I was looking at the weights of the contestants and thinking - "oops - that's me", but it just goes to show from the people on that show that people with similar weights have completely different body shapes.

I caught the second weigh ins, so I've caught it on Livingit+1 to watch the whole show shortly.

I do find their weight losses unbelievable, I wish could lose half of what some of those have lost in one week!! I think I'll invite Bob and Gillian round for a week's stay!!


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
Would you recommend Just Dance? I've got the Dance on Broadway, and granted I've only done "My favourite things" a couple of times, but would like to dance to something with a little more "umph"!
I have just bought the Jillian work out shredder dvd from amazon for £4.99

She promises 20mins of her exercise a day and yoou can loose up to 20lb in 30 days..I wasn't convinced however after doing level 1 for 20mins this morning I am now hurting in muscles i didn't know existed and actually feel sick lol

Fingers crossed it works...

I didn't see the show,what was their weights??

Cdg x


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
ooh - I may have to check out that DVD!

One of the larger people on the show lost 34lbs in their first week, but there were plenty of losses in the 20-30lbs region. Even the smaller contestants pulled double digit figures (ecky thump, I'm even typing like they talk!!)

They all did very well, but I don't know who or how many got sent home yet! It seems a shame for someone to go on the first week. I know its the name of the game, but they could give them a couple of weeks there at least, they've probably done things that they would have never have done to get there in the first place, probably admitting to others and themselves that they have a problem (I know I felt better once I'd spoken to my GP), to send them home so soon seems such a shame.

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