Biggest Loser

I love this, find it really inspirational! Only watch the ones on living its great to see the amazing changes they go through


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I watched it today. Jillian was being a little too tough on one lady and she wanted to quit, she didnt thankfully and went on to do really well. I dind it motivating too xx the people on there wrk so hard to get fit x

Happy Holidays

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I watched this today as well, but I've been on hols so probably a few episodes behind you. I did think they are so inspirational all of them, when you think the changes they've made it's amazing. It really gets me motivated to stay at target & not give in too much.


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me too! one lady got voted off and went on to loose another 50lbs, she looked amazing! You can see how hard they push themselves x


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I love this programme. It's the amount they lose from week to week. If they can so it we can



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It is very motivating! I would love to go on it! Although not sure I could hack 4+ hours a day in the gym!!