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Bigmuthbluffa's LT diary....

:) Hi all firstly thanks for reading & sorry for the waffle, I do go on a bit sometimes he he

I did Lt last year and lost 4 st, I came off it because I was going on a girly hols for a long weekend and didn't want to be doing LT on hols.

Looking back that was a big mistake:copon: but hey life goes on.

After a lot tricky times, I put a stone back on and so I have restarted and this time I am going until I reach goal:copon:

So I started last Wednesday 29.4.09 and started at 12st 13lbs. Gutting when I had reached 11st 4lb.

I knew what was coming so braced myself for a hard week, and it was everything I expected it to be:rolleyes:

I can only stomach Vanilla, but thanks to this site I have learned to have it warm which is yum, and to put a spoon of coffee in making a late type thing, it is nice but I can't always stomach it.:jelous:

Today was my 1st WI, I lost 6lb, during the week I weighed myself :scale: stupid I know..... I had made it that I had lost 9lb, then a couple of days ago, as I have a sinus infection:sick:, I took day nurse but in liquid form without thinking, and of course it has sugar in it, so not only did it mess up my no longer feeling hungry, ( was ravenous for the next 2 days), but I believe it messed up my weight loss a little, as my scales are the same as the pharamacy. :doh:

So for anyone reading, please , please please, think about the meds you take for colds etc, and if you can take them in tablet form do so.

I have pushed my sillyness aside as 6lbs is great and I will never lose that much in one week on any other diet.

Ok peeps I am off to zzzzland now, will be on here again no doubt prattling on. Anything to stay sane.:thankyou::bolt::zz:
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Well done with the 6lbs - bit of a bummer with the meds but thanks for sharing as so easy to take without even thinkin about it. I hope you sinuses are better now as that sooo painful.

Sleep well Im off to bed now too. Got a gorgeous husband waiting for me hehe


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Hey :) I see you made a diary hehe, awesome! Awesome job with your losses so far btw :eek: good going!
Thanks hun see you are inspiring the world of newbies on mimimins he he :)
So Day 8 of LT, I had the cocnut flapjack this morning, just to try as I had the P pne yesterday and it took me 40 mins to eat it. Well lets just say I am going to stick with shakes, they are heaven in comparison.

I was eating it with my boys at breakfast this morning and I nearly p**d myself laughing as my oldest ( 8 ) could see I wasn't to keen on the flapjack and he asked if I HAD to eat it and when I said yes he said " Aw mum I hate your life " he he he.

I am feeling great today, sinus is slowly clearing and I am just happy & content and strangely want to bake.

Well my fam will be happy anyway,

Have a good day all and remember successful people don't see the problem, they see the potential.

Chat lata xxx
Hi Peeps day 9 of LT, my sinus's are driving me mad but not hungry, so feeling pretty good,

I even forgot to have a shake yesterday lunch time, Ifit them all in though because I know I need the nutrients.

Gave the rest of the flapjacks back today he he couldn't do it,

I am feeling really switched on aswell, organising and cleaning, getting loads dun,

I hope you are all doing well, for those of you struggling chin up and hold out for the day tomorxrow will be better



Here we go again!
Congrats on your 6lbs loss. Keep up the good work. Sounds as though you have your head round this, which always help!

Hope you feel better soon, nothing worse than feeling ill whilst on LT.
Thanks MIniB, it is unbelievable how much this site has become a part of my journey, I honestly think I could have easily slipped up and gone in to the guilty cycle by now on my own,

Minimins keeps me sane x

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