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Bikini Babe Diary!

I'm Georgina, I'm going to egypt in roughly eight weeks so it's pretty much 'Operation - Bikini Body' from here on forward!

I'm making this journal because I need motivation from other people who also want to improve their bodies, and unless I record my progress, I'll be in denial about making any!

I'm not going to weigh myself, I'm going off inches instead :D

So here comes the measurements:eek:...

Waist: 30.5
Hips: 35.5
Upper Arms:12.5

Today I ate a whole load of crap.
But I exersised on the exersise bike and burned 207 calories... not great but its a start. :eek:
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Hey Georgina

Welcome! :) and best of luck with your goal im sure you will do great.

Also ... Egypt!! woot... ive been twice now, what part are you going?

Im also going back to Egypt for my one year wedding anniversary end July/1st 2 weeks Aug :)) So have that as a perhaps midweigh (no pun intended) goal myself...

Today wasnt a very great day, I've ate:
3 packs of crisps
2x cereal bars
creme egg
and a raw carrot.

it all came to about 1200 cals, although I probably should have ate healthier to make up those calories :D


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El Gouma - I think thats how you spell it?

Ah :) never heard of it, i go to sharm el shake (no cambridge diet ones though lol laughing).... i love egypt and the red sea area...

Also loved visiting Luxor for valley of the kings etc and Cairo for the pyrimads etc...
Male culture shocks you a bit at first and the constant trying to get you to buy stuff or take your photo and steal your camera laughing.. (that happened to a group of people on our tour) but if your carefull and able for the banter its good craic especially if you get a bargin. I would be careful of your belongings if you do go to pyramids etc and avoid getting on a camel, they ask for crazy money to let you down! lol laughing.. otherwise you will have a great time, im back for my 3rd time so cant be too bad :)

Haha awhh im looking forward to it!
I know! my mate was telling me all about the 'filthy peadophiles' ahaha but my dad used to be in the police so he can spot when people are tryna rob ur stuff lol!
When we were in cuba we played a game with a man tha was tryna rob me dads camera, he was followin us for about half an hour and tha an we were pretendin we couldnt see him and it was hilarious!


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lol... thats evil, but i like it :) Nice to turn the tables on the crooks :)
Today I ate :
2x cereal bars
2x carrots
2x crisps
2x Pepsi

I've ate in pairs alot today!?
This totals 862 and then i still need to eat my dinner, im not sure what it will be yet :D

& I will probably go on the exersise bike later.