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Bring on the weight loss!
Sooo....Ive had a bit of a binge tonight and feeling really really guilty :sigh:

I came home and my fiance had already started making me chicken to have with some spinach and steam veg which I ate - no problem. This has been my dinner most nights as Im not eating carbs, no sugar and no dairy.

Well....so much for that! Im quite prone to binging and as soon as my fiance left for training Ive had a dairy milk ice cream and put two birds eye chicken quarter pounders in the oven with enough oven chips for probably about 3 people. I then ate this meal with the burgers in 2 pieces of white bread and a huge dollop of mayonaise.

As if that wasnt enough Ive had another dairy milk icecream (and I wonder why Im fat - HAH!).

So disappointed - its not one of my worse binges but its severely disappointing. I just cant seem to help it.

By the time I was half way through the burgers and chips I was feeling sick but still carried on. :cry:

Does anyone else binge? Whats your worst binge?

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Hey jojo how you feeling now? I've been on many an ice-cream bender too :( doing much much better with it this time but I think the most important thing is too keep going! Don't do what I've done so many times and fall spectacularly off the wagon for weeks on end after a bad binge attack. Sleep it off and get back on board tomorrow! You'll feel much better being proactive than feeling guilty!!

There's lots of things different ppl do to fend off the food demons and it's worth trying a few till you find something that works! For me it was logging every single thing I eat BEFORE I eat it. I use MFP on my phone so it's quick and easy and just having that ten seconds pause quite often stops me eating things I neither want nor need!!

Finding something to do with your hands can help. My freind took up knitting (she's 27 lol not 67!!) and that really helped her. We all get scarfs as gifts now tho!!! :)

Look at your diet. Are the restrictions you place on yourself realistic? Or are you denying yourself all the things you like best all the time? If you have problems with food then for some people it's better to be a bit gentler with your diet plan and be able to stick it long term.

I hope tomorrow is a new day for you!!

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Bring on the weight loss!
Thanks so much legomom - good advice :)

Im still feeling pretty darn guilty at the moment but Im sure I'll be ok tomorrow.

Its just rather annoying binging and not being able to stop!

Lol I know!! I'm always a bit disgusted with my own lack of self control :( I'm a grown woman for gods sake!! But it's really not that simple is it? Minimins would be virtually empty if it was!!! And I would be a slender little twiglet :)

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Two weeks ago, it was the day before a huge uni exam for me and I think the stress made me go crazy. I ate TWO big easter eggs, three bowls of porridge (ha! I must be the only person who could binge on porridge!), two special k bars, a freddo, a flake and about 6 apples. I was just so so stressed and the food was a comfort.

The next day I felt so guilty, but it taught me a lesson. It taught me that no amount of chocolate was worth the guilt the next day - and it certainly wasn't worth undoing all the hard dieting work I did over the months. Drink lots of water over the next few days (and continue eating to plan) and you'll come back to normal. Your body will show a slight weight gain, but that will only be water weight due to the excess food that's suddenly been sprung upon your body.

Legomom has it right, you should start a food diary on here then make a rule that you must write it down here before you eat it, that why you will get a precious few seconds before you binge. Trust me, it works!

Don't let your binge discourage you. Napoleon Hill says “The majority of people are ready to throw their aims and purposes overboard, and give up at the first sign of opposition or misfortune (in your case a binge). A few carry on despite all the opposition until they attain their goals”. The few that push through are the superstars, the people that get noticed.
Good luck - if I can do it, so can you!


Bring on the weight loss!
Thanks for your comments - Im back to my healthy eating today and feeling much better.

It just goes to show that its not worth it and I realise that everytime I binge - but still cant seem to help it.

Ah well - onwards and downwards eh :-D

Definitely do what legomom said and write everything down though before you eat it even for a week to see how the binging goes.

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