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BINGEDDDD !!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG, i dont know what came over me , i have had a all rounder bad day today anyway, but i have been binging all day .. im normally soo good at it and stick to my points, i havent and not going to calculate the points for today i dont know what too do .!!!



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likes to fight fat
first take a deep breath :)
a binge is a learning curve, its just a little dip on you road to goal, forget about it now, maybe make up a few low points things if you get hungry later on, dont decide your not gonna eat anymore today otherwise youl get obsessed and be stuck in the fridge all night, write list on why you want to lose weight, distract yourself and maybe plan what your going to have tomorrow, just go back to your points allowances tomorrow, i wouldnt cut down but would take an extra walk or something to help, dont worry hun we all have days like this and wel all have days like this again, youl bing again sometime but the more we learn to have healthy relationship with food the easier it will be :)
Thank you, your message really saved my life as thats what im gonna do ...!


don't beat yourself up about this.

I often have days like this,
I think it depends on if you are tired,
stressed, bored.............

Tomorrow is another day and it will be a better day for you.

The very best of luck.


must lose twinny belly :)
ive done rubbish today also, :(
didnt go to weigh in as i was at parents evening, hadnt eaten all day as twins has been cows LOL
then went to loook at a car and went pizza hut, was nice but i feel alfull now
new day 2 moro


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The thing to remember is even if you have a really bad day or week.. is not to let it slide.. no matter what: write down your points.. even if it's like 60 or 100.. because if you stop writing things down you'll really lose track and heart. Tracking what you eat/drink is absolutely vital in following WW... as is getting weighed once a week.

And if you know how many points you have had you can do some work to pull some of them back.. don't go crazy but just do something to reduce the deficit then you'll feel better about the whole thing and not like you have been "bad" etc... Don't let negative thoughts in..
ur not the only one to binge, i came on here last night and was reading the threads saying what foods people liked those pink and white marshmallow wafers kept coming up i had a sudden urge to get some so took myself down to sainsburies at 10 to 8 (panicking that they were going to shut b4 i got there lol) bought 2 packs and ate the lot ok only went 2 points over but if i had been 20 points over i would still have eaten them WHY did i do it knew i would be peed off with myself gggrrrr
Thanks everyone, and yes i agree it is vital to track what you have, and i havent lost faith in it either today was a new day and a very good one too, reduced the amount of points i have and couple more hours extra exercise , so hopefully not too much damage,

wheres this anti-binge group you are on about ??? :)