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bingeing at weekends help!!

Hi there I started sw at home on thurs 2nd but ended up bingeing at the weekend feeling so guilty yest & not eating anything :( this seems to be a familiar pattern I follow whichever diet I am doing.Does anybody else do this or used to & got out of this cycle? Thanks in advance
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Join the club!! Happens to me all the time, every Monday I say it wont happen and when Saturday comes I find a excuse to go off plan. The way I get through it is to make a food diary and plan everything I am going to eat on Saturday and Sunday down to the last detail and keep it in the kitchen. I dont buy rubbish food so everything in my cupbaord is SW friendly. If I am going into town for shopping I always go to somewhere where they do jacket potatoe and beans or another SW friendly food place. I know its hard but you will feel so much better on Monday knowing you have had a good weekend. it only takes one good weekend and good results to make you have more good weekends!! :)
I had a great slimming world consultant that used to say 'if you have a blip, don't beat yourself up about it draw a line under a it and start over!' So i say the same, draw a line under it and start over.

I 100% agree with planning your weekend meals, down to all your snacks. Prepare it all in advance and treat yourself! If you are good all week staying on plan could you do fleixsyns where you save your syns for the weekend and treat yourself so you don't feel the need to binge?

I don't know how to do flexisyns entirely myself perhaps someone on here could offer some insight?
A lot of people have trouble with this, especially after weigh in, they have the day off, but then one day turns to 2 which turns to the whole weekend and then theres only 4 days on plan!

Since youre doing it at home why dont you move your weigh day to a tuesday or something? then you cant binge over the weekends? Or would you consider joining a group?

Personally I just wouldnt buy the junk food in (as I learned over christmas I dont have THAT much self control) If it was just a one off I would say dont worry, draw a line under it and carry on with the plan. But as youve mentioned its a recurring problem I would suggest doing something that takes your mind off snacking. Could you find a new hobby or do something that keeps you busy especially after WI (you could get your magazines/books/internet and plan your next week of meals). Look for SW alternatives for snacks, there are some fab existing threads for these. Plan your week meals and then use a food diary to record what you do actually have. Have you ever recorded all of the syns you have during a binge this may even shock you into stopping.

Flexisyns you add all of the syns up that you need to enjoy your meal/night even if its a whole box of chocolates, fish and chips, tube of pringles and 3 bottles of wine. thats a heck of a lot of syns lets say 300. You start with 300 and then count them off as you have them. That way if you get to the third bottle of wine and dont fancy it you dont have to drink it. The theory is counting down you will feel better if you have some left over. Where as if you count from 0 up to 300 its more like a target you are trying to reach and will force yourself to get there.

The best thing is youve identified a possible danger area and are looking for help and info.x.x.
Thanks for reply ,im so looking forward to a good weekend its been so long,im sick of losing weight in the week only to put it back on at the weekend.Im planning on cooking up a lot of free food for sat & freezing it so that even if I overeat (which I will) atleast it wont be a Chinese & box of milktray like last sat lol
I planned to start a group yest eve but chickened out :( but found this site so hopefully this might keep me on track.Good advise about flexysyns though thanks might try that as can manage quite well in the week without treats.Ive never tracked syns on a binge I think id be mortified lol
will def try that,my problem is once Ive eaten one bad thing I don't stop I continue the whole day as if im trying to sabotage my efforts


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will def try that,my problem is once Ive eaten one bad thing I don't stop I continue the whole day as if im trying to sabotage my efforts
Im like this I think well I've ruined it already so might as well carry on but now I look forward to having planned when I'm going to flexible syn. You can also look up recipes like the fakeaways, I love SW chips with steak sandwich on my HEB loads of fried onions, curries etc etc. some people even do SW chips and put them in news paper so they feel naughty like a chippy haha
decided im going to weigh tom morning & make tues or wed weigh day,def feel more confident this week with most of the xmas junk gone.Bit concerned about superfree food on EE do you have to have it to see a loss?
Are you normally good sat mornings then & just have the night off plan?
Yeh just the evening couple of drinks and tea out I don't go crazy and have like 2 bottles of wine
Chocolate plus takeway or anything! I go gym Sunday mornings and draw a line under it so I'm ready for week ahead. Just my way of having syns I know some people like to have them daily others save them.

And nd about the SUPERFREE it is recommended and I think it helps otherwise I'd be all carbs on my plate
I managed to avoid a total binge day on Saturday by using a lot of willpower and convincing words to myself. I had porridge for breakfast as usual and by 2pm I was hungry for anything and all I wanted was junk. I forced myself to eat a banana, some grapes and a fat free yogurt and after that I found that I wasn't hungry any more and that filled me up just as well as junk food would have. I try to remind myself that the point of eating is to fuel my body and eliminate hunger and all foods do that, not just the bad ones so I may as well eat the good ones as they'll have the same effect. I keep repeating that to myself when I feel moments of weakness coming on.

By dinner time, I was on the verge of ordering sausage and chips take-away until I realised that a sausage would be about 15 syns on its own! I knew I wanted to binge on something so I sat down and worked out a healthy way to do it. I ended up making cheese and bacon potato skins (all free with HEXA for cheese), quorn sausage (free), fried mushrooms (free), fake soured cream (Quark with chives - free) and a huge salad. I felt like I was in an American restaurant pigging out and it was so satisfying. After all that I was still under my syns for the day so I squeezed in a couple of vodka and tonics to get them over 5 as I couldn't eat another thing. It's all about figuring out what you want to eat and finding a SW alternative that will work for you. It's not a quick fix - you'd have to work through the craving but by focussing on making a meal plan it keeps your mind and hands occupied anyway.
That's brilliant welldone :) I lost hope a bit sunday when I thought I couldn't even get through the first week without screwing up!! Thankgod I found this group.I just realised I always binge on the same foods,toast with butter,cheese,crisps,curry & chocolate so if I find alternatives for these I should be ok.Ive done it before so will succeed again thankyou for the advice
Urgh weekends are such a pain aren't they?!! wen i was on Weight Watchers i binged more then than now doing slimming world! i always try and have a 'fake away' Saturday night which i always look forward to or a bit of a 'treat' dinner!
The Saturday jus gone i made burgers which i really enjoyed with sw chips then i had a dipdab! the Saturday before i had a chicken chow mein from the Chinese which is a treat and again enjoyed!! This Saturday i may have a kiev that's in the freezer i haven't worked the syns out yet but i will enjoy that and too me its a lil naughty!! this is the only way i really stay on track on a weekend i find i find it so easy jus to eat rubbish!! i plan everything so i 100% agree with what the ladies have said!
but forget the weekend now a new week and jus plan ur yummy food for this weekend!
Thanks Sammie wow I love chicken chow mein how many syns is that? Planning is def the key I suppose with it being a new year I stupidly expected it to all fall into place & be so determined not to have any treats but hey ho its never been easy that's why ive lost the same 4 stone over & over again lol
also my husband is underweight & can eat whatever he wants & doesn't gain a pound.he really doesn't know how lucky he is!
my husbands the same hun:rolleyes:!!

still have treats i still have chocolate not every night but every Saturday night i will have a chocolate bar!
chicken chow mein is 7syns i love chicken chow mein but i have it dry as dnt like the sauce n i always have a couple spoon fulls of my husbands boiled rice which is free!!

have u got a diary
i find weekends a struggle. i have even been considering changing my weigh in day to thursday- currently tuesday, just to give myself 2 extra days to smooth things out lol
that's really not as high syns as I thought,I was writing down what I was eating when doing rosemary conley before as needed to know calories & it did help.Ive chosen slimming world this time purely because my appetite is still so huge after having my son & need to feel full but he is 7 months already & the hunger is still there :( I was heavily pregnant & huge in last years heatwave so I am determined to be slim this summer when he starts to walk so I can keep up with him xx

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