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Bird killer Cat

I too have 3 cats - and 2 of them are real bird catchers. One kills the birds the other doesn't. I am just out to buy collars with bells on to try to warn the birds my cats are around. Other than that i don't think there is a lot you can do .... cats will be cats. Mine also brings in mice, butterflies, bats, frogs, a canary once and a magpie - how he got that through the cat flap I'll never know ... all alive!


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A collar with bell a good idea i normallly take them off as they do my head in , but not as much finding birds in the garden.

Buy an Ostrich and watch her face when she meets it in the garden .... brilliant aversion therapy! ;)
My cat Ripley is a real hunter and has just brought in a gold finch today- very upsetting. She too is an expert at removing her collar- last time we put it on it was off within a few minutes- she was gone leaving the collar on the living room floor! No solution seems to work I just keep my fingers crossed that she gets too fat and lazy to bother.

Its a real dilemma isn't it.


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Thankfully both my cats keep there collars on, Tigger is a monster at getting the birds, so I always buy the collars with the loudest bells, Yes I stand there shaking the collars until I find a loud one.....Then I see if there are extra bells to add on too so my cats sound like santa reindeer....lol.


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let me take you back about an hour ago! I'm on here in the arcade, oldest daughter in kitchen, (top of the window open) hubby and 3 other kids in living room.... Oldest lets out this scream, comes charging through here, runs up the stairs, screaming something bout the cat.. I jump up on this chair, hubby runs like you've never seen him run so fast in his life up the stairs behind oldest daughter.... I'm left in here standing on the chair.. son screaming standing on the arm of settee, saying ' get it out, get it out' in between screams..... we all screaming like gawd knows what... and cat is in living room with a dead squirel :eek: :eek: cat is on his way out into the hallway, to go up the stairs... luckily he didnt get that far, coz hubby was sat on the top stair hahahah anyway I shout at midle daughter to get a towel, she throws it over the dead squirel... manage to shoo the cat away, and then sweep the squirel out into the garden! after recovering from the shock, hubby had the job to move it with a spade and bury it!!
My word thought the man was sposed to look after us, not run of and leave us with the dead squirel.. He had thought it was a rat.... was a bit relieved when it was a squirel lol

funny thing is, next door has been sold, thank goodness, not a very nice woman, in my view anyway..... was thinking 'hope whoever's bought it hasnt come back to have another look' pmsl they'd prob withdraw the offer!!

Calm, has been restored for now, and we've had a laugh about it, usually tho when the cat has something they make this strange noise, but seeing as his mouth was soooo full, he didnt this time!!

Be careful with the cat collars tho, I dont have them for my two, coz one of them caught his paw in it before, trying to get it off, luckily he didnt strangle himself!!

Will keep window shut in future!! :p
My cat snowy who is now in cat heaven used to bring rabbits home!!!.

I am moving soon and my 2 cats are indoor cats at the mo, have been for 8 yrs but I am moving to a home with a garden and I am looking forward to letting them out, pebs is a hunter and growls when you try and take her feathers off her, daisy is so lazy she won't go far, I am looking forward to the pressies pebs will bring me back home!.

RE collars, my friends cat strangles itself by getting stuck on a branch up a tree, that must of been an awful dealth and was a great shock to my friend, so please be careful if you are thinking of buying on, most nowadays have elastic in them so they stretch a little.
Yeh mine have the elasticated collars I always make sure they have the safety feature. My siamese is a scrawny little thing and is always chasing the squirrels in the garden, some of them are bigger than her....lol

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