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Birthday Boy


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happy birthday babe, hope its great!


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A big happy birthday to you! Hope you have had a great day-mmmmm, 21? That makes you a couple of years older than me!! lol! i wish!!!


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Happy Birthday Phil!! :D:D:D:D

Hope you are having a great night xxx


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Awww happy 60th Phil! :D :p xx


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Oh you are a lovely lot !!! Thanks for you Birthday wishes !!!
Well I had a great time had my favorite meal... Roast, well SW roast loads of vegs and three different meats Mmmmmmm lovely. I was very good and had no pud either. The OH then took me to see Star Trek ( I,m a big kid) I am a closet trekky. The film was really good and funny in places, only those who can remember the original Star trek would understand. I was shocked to find that Spock had an affair with Ahoora ( the communications officer/ one with the thing in her ear) Anyway if any of you like a bit of sci fi drama with a smidge of nostalgia its worth seeing.

As for sticking to the plan , I think I did reasonably well I had five areo bubbles and thats it !!

Today OH birthday had a takeaway.... Oh No i hear you shouting!. I think I did OK please say if you think otherwise. I had a plate of mixed veg and beef and mushrooms ( minus the gravy) as I drained it off. three prawn crackers, two chips (naughty I know) and chicken breast and breansprouts. No rice, No chow mein.....I was stuffed Mmmmmmm.

Phil x
Oh yes, another sci-fi lover! :8855:

I loved the film! Everytime another character from the series turned up I was practically leaping out my seat syaing, "That's Scotty, look!" :rolleyes: I shouldn't admit these things! lol

I loved it when Leonard Nimoy appeared!

Anyway, I think I better stop raving about the film, my closet sci-fi-ness has leaped out! :p
I loved the little funnies , between Scotty and that little alien. The bit that made me laugh was when Scotty had a go at him for climbing on the transporter pad, and when we beamed away the little thing a cry.

the bit at the end too when scotty told him to get down of the power plant and he said " No"


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