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Birthday Fail

S: 10st2lb C: 9st10lb G: 8st9lb BMI: 26.6 Loss: 0st6lb(4.23%)
Hi All

It was my birthday on Saturday and my other half took me away for a few days - I managed really well the entire time we were away - being very firm with restaurants making sure no extra oil, butter or sauces were added to anything...all was going great until....

Breakfast time yesterday...

2 slices brown toast, baked beans, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms... a nice healthy breakfast you'd think... that was until I went back to get a few more mushrooms and saw the empty pan which had a thick layer of oil on the bottom... same with the tomatoes....

WHY RUIN A PERFECTLY HEALTHY BREAKFAST BY FRYING EVERYTHING?? Are grilled tomatoes really so hard to do?? ... and I thought the mushrooms were the type that were done in some kind of water!!! I HATE HOTELS!

Felt rubbish for the rest of the day... decided I had ruined everything and had a burger king for lunch and take away for dinner!

Hate myself right now!

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Never mind we have all done it. In fact i was naughty at the weekend. A birthday party on Saturday....had a few drinks and my resolved failed with the buffet food. I dread to think what i ate synwise.
Then a BBQ on Sunday...thought ive wrecked the weekend already so indulged again.
I now feel so happy to get back on the SW plan because i actually felt ill last night because of the unhealthy things i ate.
We all do it as we are only human....good luck for next week x


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Don't feel too bad ..... we have all fallen off the wagon. Its behind you now so just stick to the plan and try to forget about it. Best of luck for the rest of the week .... You can do it :)

Mrs V

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I agree with the others. Dont throw away the rest of the week now Hun just for a couple of bad days, you can limit the damage. I had 2 days in Amsterdam last week to attend a funeral. For 2 days I did not stick to plan and ate absolute rubbish. I got back to UK and back on track. I have my weigh in later, but Im not too bothered by it, I just want to see how I have done and work at it.

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never mind hun its done with and it was your birthday hun, don't beat yourself up just get straight back to it
S: 10st2lb C: 9st10lb G: 8st9lb BMI: 26.6 Loss: 0st6lb(4.23%)
Hi everyone, thanks for the encouragement! :)

I've got back on the wagon and hopefully have limited the damage to some extent lol!

I've also joined body optimise now, so hopefully that will help to keep me on track too!

Thanks again all :)
It wasn't your fault so don't beat yourself up. I've done exactly the same so now I always ask how it was cooked. Get some odd looks cos they don't think of it as diet food but who cares!!Glad your back on track now.xx

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