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Bit concerned. A bit TMI esp. for men!

I am on day 11 of SS, and have been 100%.
My period is usually between 28 and 30 days. Today is day 30 of my cycle and no sign.
Now as one of the reasons for losing weight was because we were going to sit down and have a chat about adding to our family or calling it a day, I am even more concerned than usual.
Will a VLCD cause me to have fertility problems? Might it just be delayed? I do feel a bit bloated, but it is very rare I ever go over 30 days, so I am thinking it is a big coincidence.
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A pregnacy test can be used from 1st day of missed period!

Hormonal fluctiations can happen with CD, and also you could have just fallen pregnant if you are not taking contraception?

Good luck with watever happens..
vcld affect everyone differently. I was the same as you. My totm was delayed for over a week. one month I skipped altogether, even though I had all the pms leading to it , it never came!!! Hold on, it could just be delayed. the only thing is I wouldnt let it go more than 3 mnths without a show(my doctors advice). you may need to speak with your GP. Good luck hun, you know some women have the opposite and dont stop totm for weeks on end!!
I'm at the end of week 12 and my periods have been messed up from the start. Some people don't have one for ages, others have periods that last for longer-mine seem to have gone onto a 26 day cycle. It's all perfectly normal. It should all resolve itself after a while when you come off the diet.
mine are AWOL at the moment but weeks 3 i bled for 8 days solidly.

If i was you i would test if there is a chance of pregnancy
Ahh I should have said, pretty much zero chance of pregnancy. We are VERY careful. lol It is definately a blip in the regularity of my cycle, well it will be if it doesn't arrive in the next few hours!
If no chance of pregnancy I would say it is just the usual CD hormonal stuff.... enjoy the absence I say.... but like others said have a chat with doc if it goes on too long!

Thanks, I just hope there is no long term effect. Because imagine the irony of losing all that weight, deciding to have a baby, and then not being able to get pregnant.
Eeek. I have always been incredibly fortunate and lucky with my family planning. First month of trying with number 1 and 3 and second month with number 2. Heaven help my poor hubby if we went for it and ended up with twins. LOL. A wonderful surprise, but 5 children? I think he would faint. ha ha
I know what you mean Tinka, I was fortunate too.. first time try for me with all my children...
Had a ruptured uterus with my last one and ended in intensive care so no more babies for me!!
Mind you no hubby now either so not much chance of getting pregnant again anyway!

my reason for being on cd is to increase my fertility but so far all it has done is mess up my cycle so dont worry too much is prob diet to blame my dear xxx
Oh tilly that sounds awful! Still no sign of AF, I wish it would arrive to be honest, I like to be prepared. LOL


my period is now a month late:

Now CD is a VERY LOW Calorie Diet, could be my body is thinking "screw this, not enough calories to go on, bugger adding the energy requirements of a period to that"


It could be my PCOS playing up

Either way it will resolve itself after CD.
I did a pregnancy test on Monday morning, just in case, as suspected it was negative. Obviously best to check though as I would have needed to ditch ss asap. Went for weigh in and spoke to cdc who said it was normal to be late or awol for a bit, then lo the old bat arrived yesterday morning. :D
Hoping that means i might lose extra this week! Ha ha, every cloud and all that!

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