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bit concerned - tmi

I havn't been for a natural number 2 since I started on this plan - I've had to take laxative once a week so always very loose. Well this morning I had a natural one and oh my god the pain. Since then I have been bleeding :(

I have suffered with the old farmer giles since I had Charlie - do you think its something to do with this ?
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I'm sure it is Nicki - almost bound to be.


My husband = My hero
Same here chick since Lissy loo was cooking!

I went 16 days without being able to go and hVe had problems ever since!

Even asked my mum for poopy pile cream lol

Plus your tummy has had alot of yummy naughty food to digest lol xxx
its horrible isn't it - I didn't suffer when I had Ben but with Charlie I've been terrible. They seemed to of cleared up a bit but god it hurt this morning !! I've got cream it does help a bit.

Its still bleeding :( me no like it !! x
like child birth and dieting isnt hard enough, we are given piles for good measure!!! its a cruel world eh! hope u feel better real soon x


My husband = My hero
Lol Sarah! Quite right...

Obviously women don't deserve to sit down after a long day of all we do haha


Nick when i was pregnant me abd Peter went to Greece and I swear I was cryin my eyes out with him rubbing my back and desperately trying to did me supositries Which I swore would be Goin up his bum before they came anywhere near mine ha

And they just never went so I know how you feel chick - dreading going after boxing day still Havnt been
And purposely stopped taking psyllium putting it off - naking it worse I know!! Xx
I have just had to take a laxative which I really didn't want to do again but I am in so much pain yesterday. Although I went yesterday I am still so constipated. I am going to get some dulcoease today to try and soften it lol..

Its bloody pants - I just want to have a poo lol

Ben has even taken to asking me if I am constipated when I am in a bad mood LOL
hope you are feeling ok now. it could be piles but i always bleed when i find it hard to go. this xmas i've been and been and been and been. it seems what i've eaten is coming out quick. never been so much naturally in my life before. always needed help. must have been the booze.

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