BIt fed up in week 12...

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  1. Sez

    Sez has started again!!

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    I have been ok so far, apart from a little emotional hunger, but for some reason this week I just keep wanting to eat.

    I wake up wanting breakfast, I want something solid at lunchtime and I want a proper cooked meal at teatime!! I am feeling like this is never going to end, as I have at least 6 more stone to lose.

    I was wondering if anyone else has hit this kind of "wall" around this time? I think it may be crooked thinking, as this is the time that many are thinking of management, as is one lady in our group. (In fact she moved over last week.) Of my very small group, I am the heaviest and I will be going on the longest!

    I really hope I can get past this hurdle, as I am not prepared to give up yet!! After all, Spain beckons in August! (and there are still plenty of clothes to buy!)
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  3. debz32

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    you've done really well so far, is soooo last year ;) keep plodding all the way to your WILL look FAB on the beach in Spain :D :D

    I did CD and we're 'allowed' food every 5th not sure how it must be after 12weeks without anything...but try focussing on what you CAN have and what you HAVE achieved rather than on those things that are forbidden ! hope that makes sense....

    keep going - you're doin great !


  4. In search of me

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    Aww big hugs; I know exactly how you feel & only on week 7 but lots still to go!! Try & focus on each day rather than the big picture...I've found it less overwhelming that way & it seems easier to cope with just to block off the full journey! Works for me!! Hang in there - you're doing SO well & remember after this phase of your life is over you will be able to have meals everyday but will be thinking healthier when you get there! Stick with it & tell the voices to f====off!!!
  5. Betty Boo

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    Lighter Life


    Just take it as a bad day, you have done so well to get this far, you offer great advice and jusst keep looking forward to the slim future that is ahead of you.

    I sometimes wake up hungry and think what am I doing this for but, once you get through the day I tend to feel proud that I have achieved another day and am one more step closer to my goal.

    We are all here for you remember that when those crooked thoughts sink in.

    Keep your chin up honey xx
  6. Tiger Girl

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    I'm definitely facing my wall just now and have had the worst week so far. I've wanted to eat every day and haven't but its been a really hard, tough horrible old week.
    Coming to the end of Foundation has to be a big part of this. This is week 12 for me, so I'm definitely feeling it too. That 100 day marker is so significant when you start but when the realisation is that you've almost done it - wow - looking back to Day 1 can you believe you're almost at Day 100? I can't! Looking back at all of the achievements really helps me through the tough times. I'm sure you've overcome so many obstacles to get to this point, and whilst you're at the wall you're still pushing on through it, which is brilliant.
    Good luck to us all as we knock on Development's door :D
  7. pokerstar

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    Cambridge diet
    Hi Sez

    I will have done 100 days on wednesday and i sometimes feel the same. I've found that these feelings are related to where i am in the diet i.e just over half way cos it seemed so much further to go and in the last couple of weeks because others are moving to management and with over 5 stones left to lose i feel like i'm starting all over again. I just keep thinking gosh if someone had said to me pre LL that i would have lost nearly 4 stone (i'm hoping for at wi) in 100 days i would have been ecstatic and i doubt you will be sez, i'm telling you that in another 100 days you will have only 3 stone or less to lose, remember how this makes you feel!!!!

    Keep going girl
    Christina x
  8. RED

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    *BIG HUG* I know how u feel as an old veteran of VLCD's!!
    It does get tough from time to time and we just need so sit back focus on what we really want...the few minutes of pleasure that food gives or the lifetime of pleasure that being slim will give...mmm no comparison.
    Stay with it babes you've come so far already..WELL DONE!!

    (Just wish it was that simple!!)
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  9. Sez

    Sez has started again!!

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    That is a great piece of advice. I am writing thought records to refocus myself on why I started this in the first place, and that too is helping. AS you say, the food and flavours are with us only momentarily, but the consequences stay with us for very much longer (well at least they do in my case!)

    I AM going to do this, and I really think that after this 100day hurdle I will be shifted into another gear, and ready to lose loads more before the holidays!!

    I rely so heavily on Minimins, and I do feel sometimes that I am only ever posting here to moan and drip, but I value what everyone says so much.

    I have great days too, altho I guess human nature is not to shout about those so much!!

    My best day will come when my sister actually acknowledges I have lost weight instead of completely igoring the fact.....but thats a whole other thread!!LOL

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