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Bit of a mess


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Hi all
Sorry I've not been on for a few days............ My husband attacked me Sat night & I've not been home since.
Packs out of the window - they're at the house and I am not ready to go back there at the moment.:wave_cry:

I'm eating BUT not purging & have never felt so horrid in my life!!!!!:sigh:

I feel like its not really happened and that I'll wake up and it will have been a dream

Though when I look at my face in the mirror the stark reality hits me - :cry:....

Anyway - stay focussed all of you & I'll be back soon!!!!!!!!!
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i love minimins me :)
omg hun are u ok? do u have sumwhere safe to stay for now?

the diet can wait hun, dont even think about it!

have u got a lot of friends and family around u

CLUCKS, sweetheart what a shock. I hope that you are ok. Don't worry about the diet just you take care of yourself and get yourself sorted out.
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What a terrible thing to have happened to you Clucks. Look after yourself and keep us posted. xx


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So sorry to hear such a terrible thing Clucks, thank goodness you got away. Hope you feel safe and cared for whereever you are.

Thinking of you,



jelly belly
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hope you`ll be o.k
diet can wait sort yourself out 1st hun
big :hug99:

Oh you poor thing, how horrific!!

Don't worry about anything other than getting yourself better physically and emotionally!

Has something like this happened before??? There's really no excuse for violence hun.

Hope you're feeling OK (well as ok as possible in this situation).

We're all here to support you when/if you're ready to talk...

Take care
OMG, how awful. Well done for getting out of there. Hope you're Ok and getting lots of hugs and support from family and friends. Take care of yourself.


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Take care of yourself honey, the diet will sort itself out when its important!! Sarahxx.


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Thoughst are with you Clucks -- have been there xx


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Many many thanks for such kind words

thanks everyone - I'm ok. Me and the kids are safe and sound at my bro's place with his family. muddling through as he put it. Thank god the kids never actually witnessed the attack but obviously saw me after....
He fractured side of my nose and under my eye, also plit my eye open. I had a real shiner - which 1 week later is all but cleared up just left with the mark where the eye was split....

I wont take up space on this post and will look to perhaps diarise the event at a later date to assist in the healing process. I'm not ready just yet.

Anyway guys - many many thanks for your support its reassuring knowing that I can switch on and know that people are about.

Catch up soon xxxx


i love minimins me :)
hun *hugs*

i am glad to hear u and ur children are safe now, so so soryr to hear about ur injuries, and we r all here if u wanna talk :)

hope everything is much better for u soon



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the diet can wait - you just take care of you and your kids...glad you got away...

Big cyber hugs to you,,,


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OMG u have really had a bad deal havnt u!
glad to hear ur safe n sound with ur kids, hope ur not letting him away with it.
take care and come back when ur ready we will still be here and ready with the hugs and support xx
Hun - I've just seen this and I'm so sorry this happened to you.

I've been there and it's awful - I do sympathise!

The important thing to remember is that this is not your fault. I don't care how it all started, you are not to blame. Your OH has issues that only he can address. Your priority is your safety and that of your children. He can sort himself out if he chooses to do so - without you.

I know it's easier said than done - I stayed with my ex for way too long for all kinds of reasons - but no one deserves appalling treatment like that.

We are all here for you!


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