Bit of a personal question....


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As we're mainly ladies here- how much weight (water weight or whatever it is, lol) do you tend to put on before/ during your period?

I've been keeping to 1200 cals for nearly two weeks and got my period today and have put on 2lbs- i know its not the end of the world but its pissed me off for the day!:mad: (although its probably a bit of an over reaction coz i'm all hormonal and b!tchy! lol:8855:)

Also, is it normal to gain WHILST you have your period? Bcause i always thought the bloating and weight gain came before not during your period?:eek:
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Yeap it is normal to put on weight, I think they generally say you can gain anything up to 7lbs :rolleyes:

Next week your weight in will show a different story


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I weighed before, during and after last time. Put on 3lbs before, stayed the same during, then lost it after. Was well peed off too, but just thankful it came off!!! :D


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About a week or so before I 'gain' 5lbs- religiously!


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I always gain the whole 7lbs about a week before my period, which I'm trying not to let get to me. At my heaviest my periods stop all together, and as I lose weight they get heavier, more painful, and affect me more emotionally. This time I'm determined to get help from the doctors once things get really bad, because the more depressed I feel the more I want to eat!

All I can say is hang in there during your period- you're absolutely normal to gain a few pounds and it will come straight back off afterwards. And I'm going to try and follow my own advice!


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I've never been on a proper diet for long enough to notice the weight difference before, but i've heard many things about it. And I'm due next week so only one way to tell! Those tablets you can get, to reduce water weight, are they for this? And do they work?


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I always put on LOADS!

Like this time, I had a healthy(ish) Christmas and the TOTM (unfair?) And I put on 15lbs. 2 days after TOTM, and healthier eating - I lost 10lb. So I'm guessing that 10lbs was TOTM weight :) and 5lbs was REAL weight :)

I've heard other people put on up to a stone!


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Agh I think this is likely to happen to me, well i wasnt weighing myself everyweek before I started this plan so I don't know how much I would go up during TOTM, but I always feel heavier, bloated and horribly lethargic up to a coupleof weeks before. I've been feeling a bit rough in the last two days and craving all sorts of things so I think that this is it coming so i'll see what the scales show this week!


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I love starting my diet right before my period - because then the weightloss is higher and it motivates me alot more (even if most of it is water weight!)


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Prior to surgery I used to easily put on 7lb it was such a pain when trying to diet as the week I got weighed and showing such an increase I would lose my motivation, then the following week I would loose it again but I never seemed to make any head way so I know how you feel chick..xx