Bit of advice please - work related

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I work 3 days a week & my probation period is due to finish next week. I had Monday booked off as leave, was due to work Tues & Fri but I had to call in sick for Tues.

Both my wee ones are on antibiotics for ear/throat infections & I had to take my son up the hospital on Sat nite & then on Sun I caught it & had a raging sore throat & ears so there was no way that I could've gone into work.

So my few questions are:

1) Will the sick only count as that 1 day if I go back in on Friday?
2) Will this affect my probation as I've only been there 6 months?
3) Am I just worrying over nothing?
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1) Depends if you self-certify for the one day or to cover the holiday you would have lost by being ill. Obviously, if your sick pay isnt full whack, then if you just self-certify the one day and take your holiday on the other one, you dont lose out too much.

2) Shouldnt do, as long as you havent been off lots of times over your probation.

3) Probably. If you have been doing a great job in all other respects and they know you are a single parent with kids, they would be pretty heartless people to terminate your employment this close to Christmas for the sake of one days sickness.

big bear

A bear on a mission!
S: 14st7lb
Thanks MLM. I haven't had any time off till now & they are really happy with my work so I guess I'm being silly lol

They also know the 2 wee ones have been ill too. The way the sick policy works is if you have 3 different spells of sickness over a year there is a disciplinary so they are pretty strict but I guess one day shouldn't be any harm.