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Bit of advice please?


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S: 10st12lb C: 9st11lb G: 8st0lb BMI: 25.9 Loss: 1st1lb(9.87%)
I love weight watchers approach, its great and works for me. However.. there a few things that are causing me to trip up.

I WI on a Thursday, which means our points week starts on a Friday.. weekend I spend more and try to make up for it in the week, i'm always trying to catch up on my points. Then I can't have any spare points for a spontaneous meal out or lunch monday to friday. One lunch at Wetherspoons with the OH and i've gone over my points for the week.

I have 19 points a day, and sometimes I think this is just not enough.

I WI tonight and I know I havent lost weight, my clothes feel tighter if anything :( This weekend I'm staying at a hotel for two night and wil be eating out both nights, so pointing food is going to be impossible.

Do you think I shold start over on monday? even though I WI Thursdays, and start my tracker on mondays from now on so I can save for the weekend easier?
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S: 14st11lb C: 13st0.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 26.9 Loss: 1st10.5lb(11.84%)
It will be worth giving it a shot!! If it doesnt work you can always revert back :)
No I dont think you should start over just because many people do this and then dont restart.......

Exercise do you do any? Then you can earn Activity Points ''AP'' I purchased a ww pedometer plus which works out how many steps we need to do for our weight/height and then when you reach them you get AP for so many steps after that,I do 30 minutes Treadmill and 30 minutes wii just dance the faster ones soild for the whle 30 minutes and I walk everywhere and most days I average 15000 steps a day and earn 5 AP,I dont use them atm just as I have alot to lose but if I do fancy a meal out or mayu of miscounted my points my AP are my fallback.
Also exercise they recommend for life.


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S: 15st6lb C: 14st10lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 32.3 Loss: 0st10lb(4.63%)
no hun i wouldnt restart, i would just do as you are doing but try and make better choices when you do eat out/takeaway. i would avoid wortherspoons at all costs, the food is so high points for ANYTHING!!

good luck mrs :)


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S: 14st12lb C: 14st1lb G: 11st9lb BMI: 30 Loss: 0st11lb(5.29%)
I weigh in on a thursday too.. but in my mind this is a good thing to add to that portion control over the weekend.. when I was on SW a loss would mean a night off and a binge.. but on WW a loss is a sign of doing great work and I dont want to blow it eating crap food.. maybe you just need to plan plan plan.. cook your OH romantic meals in.. far tastier,cheaper and healthier than weathersoons..
Why are you spending more points at weekends? Choose wisely and it shouldnt be any different than during the week..
remember its point choices so you could have a huge lowish point breakfast .. cereal, egg & toast, fruit and yoghurt.. or a small high point.. croissant..I like my food so know which I would go for ;)
Good luck whatever you decide.. but hang on in there :D


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S: 19st5lb C: 18st5lb G: 12st5lb BMI: 40.2 Loss: 1st0lb(5.17%)
No, I wouldnt restart either. I think you are realising what it takes to lose weight. We have to eat less than our body needs and this usually means making changes to our lifestyle along the way.

I would rethink what you are currently doing on the days you are in full control of what you are eating and save points on these days and make wiser food choices when out.

Good luck

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