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Bit Of Advice....

Helloo Peeps...
I am new to this whole Slimming World thing and I am going to be starting on Monday... I have have done quite a bit of reading up on the whole thing and have armed myself with what looks like a very helpful and yummy cookbook. I was just wondering if perhaps someone would be able to explain the Extra Easy plan to me a bit more please? Also so I have to do it for a whole week, or can I do one day green, one red and one EE?

I am really looking forward to doing the plan but am going to do my big shop for it over the weekend and do out a menu plan for the week so need to be fully sorted in my head with it all before I embark on this new way of life.

Thanks all. x :thankyou:

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As long as you stick to your chosen plan for the whole day you can mix it up over the week.

Have you read the post on minimins for SW newcomers? Should explain all you need to know about EE - its a sticky on the SW home page

Everyone on here is really supportive and knowledgable so if you still have specific questions after you've read that just ask.

Good luck x
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As long as you stick to your chosen plan for the whole day you can mix it up over the week.

Good luck x
You can actually change from one plan to another during the day as long as you keep an eye on the number of HEs you have

Or start out neutral and decide later on in the day what plan you want to follow ;)
I find it easier to stick to red days but thats just me. I like my meat so would rather have less carbs each day but it i really fancy lots of pasta or potato then I'll have a green day instead.
I've never heard of being able to swap plans in the middle of the day is that something new? I've only just started SW again and not been on it for abt 5 years
good luck :) x
I'm new to SW as well - good luck! Yesterday I thought I was never going to understand it, although today it seems to be making more sense :)
Hope your weight loss goes well :D x
If you get the magazine, they have a meal plan for the week (or have a look on the sw website, there is one on there). I found the meal plans really helpful to get me started :)


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Swapping during the day is an old plan that is not advertised anymore. I think it's called mix and match


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No I was not talking about mix2match

What I meant was that for example you might start the day on green with say cereal and fruit for brekkie then baked potato and beans with salad for lunch

But then what if you want to have a mixed grill or surf n turf for dinner? You could stay on green and take some meat as a HEB and syn the rest but you can also change to EE and then it would all be free! ;)

As long as what you have eaten to that point is also okay on the other plan then you can change from one to the other! You dont need to choose a plan when you get up and then be stuck with it for the whole day - SW is flexible enough that you can change your mind :)
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