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Bit of help?


Excited about the new me!
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Hello Lauren

Yes, yes and yes.. those are due to the VLCD on CD, after a few days the tiredness does go. We have a great thread that offer support 247 more or less,calledButterflies In It to Win It. We all swap advice on there. xx


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Cold not so bad now as warmer weather coming in, but have had my fair share of sitting at PC with gloves and hubby jumper on over PJ's

Tiredness, comes and go's, found it was worse in weeks 2-3 where I was falling asleep on bus etc, but it does goe. I still occasionally toddle off for a wee nap, but its literally 30 mins to a hour and only If I have time. Its not like if I don't have that nap I'm going to collapse. Its more a comfort measure.

help the tiredness? I would say just keep going as normal, don't over exert yourself and take some down time where you can. Be kind to yourself
Thanks for ur help.
I've been on the diet for 4 weeks now, so jst found it strange that it started happening now. altho i dn't mind if it happens to everyone!!


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Yep, had big problems with coldness and still do when I drink a lot of water, this really makes me cold.... and tiredness, it comes and goes, sometimes I am full of energy, others I just want to sleep all the time, I dont do any exercise only walking so I am not using up calories I dont have to burn...


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Hi ya!
I feel really cold all the time and this is now week 3 for me!
Most people say it passes so I'm sure it does!
I felt really sleepy for the first two days but that did pass so I'm sure it will for you!
Just rest if you can!
Sorry I can't be of any more help.
Take care x x


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Cold and sleepy? Yes, yes yes! Before the weather warmed up I was so cold that I would keep my coat on at work! I don't have any answers other than keep an extra layer at work for when you feel chilly and make a hot drink such as peppermint tea.


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Yes ....... very cold at the beginning for the first proabably 6 weeks . used to take hot bubble baths and then I was usually ok .. Or just put lots of layers on.
Its all worth it, promise x


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Feeling really cold has been the only side affect for me so far. I'm usually a really 'hot' person so it's come as a bit of a shock but I'll take being cold with no other side affects:D

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