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bit the bullet


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and am going back to class tonight, ive had a crap month and half and put most of the weight back on so if i dnt go back i aint gonna lose lol

get married in 3 months so hope i can stay on track, and ive faced up to the fact that i aint gonna lose 4 stone for it ( what i originally wanted) but if i dnt do something i could easily weigh 2 stone heavier
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Yes, good luck from me as well. It's really hard when you have a bad month, but good for you getting back on track.


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Well done for deciding to go back to class, it will be the best decision you ever made.

Good luck for your weightloss x


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well that wasnt as bad as 1st thought, my scales r wrong ( will be something to do with my 2 year old dropping them ) and ive stayed the same ! so chuffed


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will do , the next step is attempting to run i so want to do a race ( did race for life but only walked it ) will have to look out for tips
ah now I might be able to be of help there! I started running 4 weeks ago on a walk to run plan - there are plenty on the internet. Also I joined a running forum - runnersforum.co.uk - which is a great place to get advice and motivation.
I followed the Zest 10 week walk to run plan and I'm currently on week 4. I started off running 1 min and walking 3, then for the last 2 weeks run 1 min and walk 2 mins but you increase the reps by 1 3 min block each week and then on week 6 I increase the running time. As I say though there are plenty of plans on the internet to follow. I'm aiming to run the race for life in July so I have a goal to aim for which helps.

The only things that you need to start are a decent pair of trainers (preferably proper running ones if you can afford them) and a decent sports bra.


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i looked at sports bras yesterday defo needed but how bloody dear r they lol !
don't know if this will help but I've been thinking about starting to run too and I've found this website with podcast's you can download that will give you a complete programme up to 5k.

Well done on getting back on track!

As for the running, I started last week and am now into week 2!

I'm following the begginers programme on the Bupa site. I think theres a post that I did about running on page 2!!


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Well done on going back to SW.

I started running 2 weeks ago aswel. I am enjoying it but I really noticed a difference when I replaced my £5 asda trainers with a pair of proper running shoes......made it so much easier. Still mega unfit but at least im going in the right direction now!! :)


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thanx for the support guys, ive stayed on track today and just gearing up for a long walk

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