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Bit worried about breakfast and lunch


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Hi Kel and welcome!

First of all, a huge congratulations on working through your binge eating :happy096:. That must have taken a lot of effort and I can understand your concerns.

However, breakfast and lunch (esp. brekkie) are such important meals. They give you the energy to get through your day. Not having them is like asking your car to run on empty. Please, your body needs fuel just as much as your car.

Why don't you try keeping a food diary? I find (and believe me, I can graze all through the day) that writing down what I'm having really gives me more control.

I'd also recommend going to see your doctor and find out what support services the NHS can supply for you to help. There was a thread a couple of days ago saying that some NHS areas help with the cost of classes. More info on:

Slimming World - Health Professional Resources

Your consultant will also be a huge source of help.

Good luck and keep us informed of how you're doing.


Vegetarian who lives2eat
Hi Kel and a big welcome, well done for joining minimins you will get all the support you need here,everyone is so helpful and have great ideas to get you through any problems you may encounter. The plan works we all know that, you will have to eat breakfast and lunch if you want to suceed, I am sorry to say that I cannot offer you any advice on how to stop eating once you have started only you alone have the power to do it.Only have in the house 'free foods' dont buy any nice things, there is usually someone on here day and night so turn to us (we are all in the same boat)maybe you will get the inspiration to get you through one day at a time.
Hey, I too will binge eat like crazy and I have actually found that this plan work really well for me. I snack all through the day its the only thing that stops me going on a junk food binge, but now I snack on free food. I used to classify foods as good or bad and sw is helping me to think these differently so it helps with the guilt I associate with food. Believe me when I say I have been eating a lot yet in 4 weeks I have lost 12 pounds and I have been finding over the past 2 weeks my appetite to over eat is diminishing.
Good luck to you, but also I would say that if you feel it is not working for you then do try something else rather than beat yourself up over it.

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