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Bizarre/vivid dreams


This might sound mad but I've been having really vivid and strange dreams, they're so detailed and I can remember so much of them.. this only just started shortly after starting xenical.. do you think it's the xenical causing them?? They're actually more nightmares than dreams, very unpleasant!!

The only other time this has happened was when I stopped smoking lol My dreams are normally quite boring and forgettable!

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Violet is shrinking
ha ha ;)

doesnt sound like xenical to me...hmmm are you using the blues as a scapegoat lol

It could be a number of things really, I watch a lot of strange films which are probably messing with my subconcious! I have anxiety issues which could be coming through in my dreams. Eating late can cause bad dreams too, or so my mum used to tell me! Wonder what I will dream tonight lol


Violet is shrinking
i dont get scary dreams..after watching gordon ramsay and vampire eric from true blood,they can be a bit :censored: lol ;)

watching weird films can bring on strange and inpleasant dreams though,not sure about the food :)

If i have chocolate, cheese or jam late at night i get nightmares. There was a strong painkiller i used to be on gave me awful nightmares. Its probably a mix of things.
It's your body getting used to the diet, I know everytime I start a diet, I get those very same vivid nightmares, they are extremely unpleasant, someone told me it's to do with the body adjusting, they go away after two or three days... this time round I took some herbal sleeping pills and slept really well last nite (was my first day), am sure I saw another post on here not long ago re: the same thing...

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