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Black Cords


I bought myself some size 18 jeans last week...cant fit in them repectably yet, so until that point I am stuck in my size 24's and a belt, looking like MC Hammer!

Managed to have a major wardrobe malfunction at work on wednesday. Im a mental health nurse, and had a meeting with a top Consultant Psychiatrist. 10 minutes into the meeting i realised that the smart (size 26) top I was wearing, well the neckline was around my bellybutton, exposing my grotty grey bra. Humiliating!!!!! I have now got rid of all my too big tops for risk of it happening again - have gone from size 26 tops to size 18 tops!
Well done....Why do white bra's go grey even when you only wash them with other whites???? My cords are a 16, largest size 2 years ago was 22....smallest size a 12 skirt which I wore with long black boots to a christmas party and felt hot, it only fitted me once, but I'll wear it again this year, and those boots...just had them rehealed to keep me going
Im sorry to pea on your cornflakes hun but I really dont think you will be wearing that skirt this christmas!!!!!

Beacuse it will be far to big for you.lol
Have to agree with Susan!

I bought a dress months ago in a size 16 to wear to a wedding in February, with the plan of slimming down into it. This was before I had even heard of Cambridge lol. I think I will be sticking the dress on ebay somehow! Unless I manage to find an event to where it to late october/early november? (this is when I am expecting it to fit me) lol. Shame really - its a gorgeous dress!

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