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Hi all

Well i think your going to kill me, i posted a thread about my sister birthday weekend in Blackpool a while ago, and asked advice about what to do, well i decided that were going to just drink water. I have decided that im going to come off Lt for over the weekend and then straight back on it on monday am.

I know everyone must think that i am mad, but i want to have a good time, i will be careful with the drink and what foods i will eat, just wondering if anyone has any recomendations like to eat and drink etc... apart from Dont come off it?

It has taken me about 1 month to decide and i have made my decision, i know im really silly, and i really dont want to come off it, but i spoke with the pharmacist and he said that any alcohol will knock me out of ketosis. Im not looking forward to Monday and next week going back into it again, but i am sooo determined that i will not stay off it. I cant afford to and i have come along way.
I were just wondering if anyone has done this and what they drank and ate? I know to lay off carbs etc, mainly eat protein?

Thanks in advance for any advice x
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What about drinking alcohol in ketosis hun? Its really dangerous! x


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What about drinking alcohol in ketosis hun? Its really dangerous! x
Everything I've read on here says NO DONT DRINK, but I'm now doing Atkins (just to get me back into three meals a day) and he says on his diet which also works by ketosis, that the best drink to have is spirit and diet mixer. I'm not sure if Atkins is different coz you are eating. I know someone will find a post about the dangers of drinking and ketosis, but I say all things in moderation. If you went out and got hammered...I'm sure that would be very bad for your health, where as a couple of glasses...I've done it hun. Now I'm not dieting as such, I've had a rum and coke with my BBQ and I'm still in ketosis!
right people might not recommend this advice but i have had the odd day off in the past and still lost weight ,what i did was stick to meat preferably chicken veg salad etc and yes i did drink alcohol vodka and diet coke but i didnt realise it was dangerous , i had eaten during the day leading upto the evening before i had alcohol but i had no nasty side effects whatsoever.but the only thing i would say is when you go back on the shakes day after its as hard as it was when you first started so its up to you whatever you decide have a good time:)


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Hi Ladies

Thanks for the replies, i know i will need to be out of ketosis and all the dangers of drinking whilst still in it, i wouldnt dream of drinking whilst still in it thats why im going to start to eat food today. I really didnt want to, was just going to drink water, but as we have already booked digs and paid etc (only once a year that we go).

I may just drink white wine sprizer and then have a pint of water and take it in moderation or something like that (i am quite scared about the drinking thing) but will pace myself.

Thanks again for your help x
Hi Kate, just to let you u know im also gonna have a weekend away with food and drink, ive been informed as long as you come out of ketosis which means having carbs about 24hours before you drink you will be ok as long as its in moderation, im going on a partying camping weekend on 26th so will be having some carbs wed night, then thurdays nite which shakes morning and lunch then eating and drinking (vody and diet coke) sat and sun then back to normal Tuesday. I know im doing well and your doing great with the loss by the way, but i think life does get in the way but im not going to beat myself up about it, just going to have a good time but with the intention of going back on lp after this for another possible 2 months to reach my goal. I will have done a month and hopefully lost nearly 2 stone and never cheated and as long as youve got your head around going back on it i think youl be ok, have a great weekend, know i will!

Ps dont think ive ever heard of anyone actually saying you HAVE to go from start to finish in one go, just means a restart with the Ketosis and a possible weight gain, if you can handle that, why not? jx


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S: 17st2lb G: 11st0lb

Thanks for that info, im glad im not the only one who was having a weekend off. I know your not supposed to, but like you say sometimes life gets in the way now and again. I have completley stuck to the Lt, and i am so determined and focused that i will be straight back on it on monday. Thanks for you well wishes.

Hope you have a gr8 weekend too.

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