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Bleeding gums?


not giving up
I was wondering if this was just me! I had this a couple of years ago when I first dieted and lost 4 stone they just bled for no reason. I am on week 2 of CD and they started bleeding last week also. I am due to go to the dentist next Thursday and will be asking the same question I will let you know if you don't get an answer before then. I Googled it last week and couldn't find anything about it specifically regarding VLCD x
hmm yes please do let me know.

yes both of our gums bleed when we brush and these days even if i push against my gums they start to bleed... or if i suck on my teeth a tiny bit (if u know what i mean ) i can taste blood on my tongue and my husband said same thing happens to him.

not nice.. and i seem to have a metallic taste in my mouth all the time because of it. just dont want to get gum disease or something!


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Don't worry, bleeding gums is a temporary side effect of doing Cambridge (or any other VLCD for that matter). Combination of factors (1) you're not producing as much saliva as usual because you're not chewing (2) reduction in the level of Vitamin K in your body (probably don't need to worry about that because your body soon adjusts) (3) you might just be brushing your teeth more often to get rid of the ol' ketosis breath.

It's not a particularly well known side effect but from time to time there have been threads here with people asking if it's normal. It is - and it should clear up by itself in a few days. Doesn't hurt to be extra kind to your mouth for the next few days though - p'raps get yourself some mouthwash to keep everything healthy.
corsodyl is the best mouthwash for bleeding gums. it used to be only available from dentists. there is now a mint flavour, which i recommend, as the 'original' is brutally strong.


not giving up
Thank Lily that has put my mind at rest x

I know what you mean about the metallic taste MFB my CDC said I may find that but not the bleeding.... I feel better now I am not alone



not giving up
Thanks Spangles I will give that a go


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