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Blender in the car?

Even if you are away - I'd at least stop en route to blend!! - My 'signature' brand blender only plugs into a mains socket - not sure if you could get an adaptor to fit the cigarette lighter? Sounds a bit dodgy though. I'd stick to trying to get hold of just a hand held shaker
The shaker is amazing!
Blends my shakes better than my hand blender. I am going to buy a real blender though.
But for on the go, the shaker is fantastic! No more chunks!
I'm taking that with me on the road to Belfast this weekend


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Just thinking.... You can get those old fashioned hand whisk that you turn the handle and it whisks really fast. I'd say it would be perfect for the shakes.


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How posh you all are ;):) .... Plain old shaker was all I ever used :) xx
I use a blender as my kids have lost the inside bit of my shaker, I must say I prefer my shaker so will have to go buy a new one, I used my shaker when my hubby and I went away for the weekend!!
I cant stand the shakes when I use my hand blender. No matter how much I shake the darn thing I still get lumps!


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Depends on the shaker probably - I had a cambridge one and then I got an even better one from Lakeland but in any case I didn't find any lumps a problem ...gave me something to chew .. LOL! xx
I just use a protein shaker bottle I got in a sports shop, I'm always accompanied by it whether there's just water or our yummy shakes!!!
I use a shaker all the time, even at home .. it works great (no lumps at all) and easy to wash :) .. plus gives a little work out to the bingo wings lol

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lol --the workout for the bingo wings!!! Sad but true! The plain old shaker will do fine for the car trips. Leave the blender at home.
I use the shaker but any tiny lumps would make me throw up.
there generally isnt any lumps but just in case I use a sieve.

I bring a tea strainer into work with me and the shaker.
works a treat. A glass, the mix, and tea strainer all fit into the shaker.

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So, Just after 2nd day of holidays. Used a blender in the morning, then went on the boat to aran island, and the see was veery rough! Wasn't risking any food until I came back - late afternoon, used plastic lucozade shaker in the car - with lumps, but i guess better then nothing, and then in the evening hot chicken soup with lumps!

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