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I discovered on day one that the packs are pretty much undrinkable (other than the strawberry one and apparently the banana although I'd rather chew my own hands off than drink anything banana flavoured) without using a blender. I'm on day 19 and have just 'broken' my SECOND blender! Admittedly they were both only £4 each (one from Asda, one from Argos) but still - this second one has lasted me only 7 days which is pretty rubbish I reckon.
I do put ice in some of my shakes so this could be what is killing my blenders but surely a blender should be capable of blending a couple of ice cubes?
Anyone got any blender recommendations for me? I need to replace mine and quick!


MM x
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I have a good one that I got from Argos but I spent about 15 -20 quid on it - its one of those ones that you put in a charging stand and it holds its charge to do about 2-3 weeks of LL blending so it'd suitable for hols...I can't for the life of me think what brand it is Kenwood or one of the main brands though not a celebrity chef one - but the ones up to 20 quid tend to last about 6 months in my parents' professional kitchen doing soups and sauces (ie real chopping and blending rather than just blending) and the only reason they break is my sister (the chef) has a bit of a temper!
Mine is a Morphy Richards and cost less than £10 from Currys, but I admit I have never tried to crush ice in it. Can't you just take them back to the shop, don't they get a year's guarantee? As you say, they should surely be capable of chopping a couple of ice cubes up.
I have two one is just a cheap value one from tesco which I leave at work to use there so don't use that for ice, the one I have at home and is more than capable of chopping ice cubes is also from tesco (cost about £20) it is a braun multiquick, it also is happy to blend soup packs with boiling water without having to premix with cold water. It comes with its own measuring beaker which holds upto a pint.
TBH i wouldnt use my hand blender on ice, i did not think they were strong enough to cope with that (especially the budget ones) but as i havent actually tried it i could well be wrong :D i must admit im looking into getting an ice crusher, there were some for sale in argos the other day for £5 (the plastic one) and im dying to try the icecream that has been recommended.
Breville BL33 Blender - John Lewis

I splashed out on this blender - and it is the best thing I ever did. It has a function for crushing ice and then various options including "thickshake". So I crush the ice with some water, then add the pack and mix on low and then press thickshake and voila - I have a gorgeous thick milk shake very similar to McDs consistency.

Best money I ever spent! As it is made to crush ice and has a 1 year guarantee - I don't need to worry about it breaking
chunkychicken ty so much for that link. I just bought one for myself as my 'well done for losing 3 st' present and its fabby! however i will have to get used to how loud it is ::D It is definitely better than the hand whisk and i am loving exploring the different functions. Plus how great is it to have a coctail function (for when we have finished ll ofc)

sil x
Silhouettes - it is a bit loud - but the results are amazing. So pleased you treated yourself - I love mine so much. I am going away for two nights to a friends house and I am sorry but it is going with me!!!!!! can't go back to rubbish watery shakes after THAT!

Cocktail function winks at me every time I pass it on the side. I can't wait to try it!

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