Well I feel rather stupid. I've been mixing up my sachets with a fork up till now, which I thought was ok, but I've just tried making it up in the blender. It's a totally different texture, and a lot easier to drink!

Trouble is, I can't take the blender to work. So I was wondering about these tetra brik things for when I'm not at home. Are they available from day one, or do you have to wait a couple of weeks before eating them (like the bars?). I suppose I should ask my CDC, but it seems unfair to telephone her at 9PM :)

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And they are incredibly versatile!! You can have them hot, cold straight from the carton, freeze them - they are fab!! :cool:


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I lob a few in the freezer and just leave them. Take them out roughly 45 mins before I want to eat them so they melt into ice cream - they are lush! ;)

Ah ok...I threw one in the freezer ages ago when I felt the urge for ice cream and only left it in for about an hour and it wasnt quite the fab food I had been hoping for!!

Will try it your way...thx hun!


Well that's something to look forward to next week. Are they much more expensive?

How about these mix-a-mousse things? Are they ok from the beginning? I quite like the idea of eating a pudding rather than a drink.

I should probably have asked these questions of my CDC on Tuesday, but I was so excited about starting the diet, I didn't think about it!


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Cost depends on the CDC. I charge 10p extra per tetra but others charge more, others charge less.

Mix-a-mousse generally speaking from week 2 when you are well in ketosis :)


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Can you blend at work at all, if so wilko have a hand blender for £4.99, I have 1 at work and 1 at home!!!!

That might be worth a go, Choccie tetras are yummy, and you can split it and top up with hot water!

I tried mix a mousse from week two and trust me its lush, you can make 2 bowls from 1 sachet and the strawberry one was like angel delight mmmmmmmmmm!!!!


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OOhh eee I didnt realise you could turn the tetras into a kind of ice-cream. Going to try that later. :)

Hope I have more success than making biscuits out of a bar... blimey I smoked the kitchen out!! and it was an utter disaster. Hubby thought the house was on fire!!! :D :D :D . OOPs!!