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Sorry to be so negative on Day 1, but I have not liked anything I have eaten today! I have had a raspberry shake - it was ok, but I certainly don't relish the thought of another. Banana shake I had as custard, same as before, was quite ok, but don't relish anymore! As for the thai soup I have just tried, :sign0137:!

How am I meant to do this when I can't stomach the food packs? OK they're not meant to taste like a 3 course meal, but am I meant to gag myself through the next 99 days?

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Your tastes will change - at the moment all of my foodpacks are making me nauseous!

My first foodpack was a vanilla which wasn't too bad but overly sweet - the raspberry I only had once - I find the caramel too sweet. The mushroom is quite inoffensive but I know a lot of people find the veg and chicken soups far too chemically.

Everyone has a different take on this but you'll find a way, I swear! - in week 2 I mainly survived on mushroom soups until I started branching out a bit more. Now I mainly exist on the chocolate packs. Also - I know it's only day 1, but I did find myself surprisingly free of appetite in my first week - even in the first couple of days to the point where I would have to get out of bed at 11 to force down my last pack. So you will find that you are going through a sort of withdrawal from the world of food at the same time - so don't worry too much about the taste of the packs they are just nutrition - I hate to say it - but they're not there for us to enjoy otherwise they'd have made them nicer ;) - eventually you'll find at least one bearable favourite (I hope)
Hang in there! They do get better in that you get used to them; as C says you change tastes from week to week but you can do it but accept that it will take time to get used to the tastes. Have a look at the recipes & try things out - mint choc is nice as is vanilla with coffee etc!
I do sympathise. A friend at work has started and only likes the soups. I feel sorry for her because I don't know how I'd cope without enjoying the packs. I would go so far as to say I really like the banana and strawberry ones - and would happily have them after this has ended. I also like chocolate and vanilla but I can't stand the raspberry or caramel. I only really like the Thai Chilli soup but buy the others for variety. I think they are a bit bland but OK. I don't bother with the fruit bars, amek the lemon one into biscuits, the toffee one is OK but my favourite is Nut Crunch - which almost everyone else universally dislikes!

Maybe, you'll find they become more palatable as time moves on?


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Ooooh Sandra - I think I am Nut Crunch's biggest fan - so much so that I am trying to work out a recipe so I can make my own breakfast flapjacks that taste like them once I'm through management! It's breaking my heart that I can't have them this week because I don't want to get bits of nut stuck in my gums!

I sooo feel for you.
On my first week i cried and vomited all way through. Friends & family were going mad. BUT...look at my tracker!! I stuck with it and even now the only pack i can stomach is chocolate so thats what i have. It has to be cold and i add 400ml of water. I can honestly say i don't enjoy them one bit and actually have to work up to having one. I drink it straight down making sure it doesnt touch my teeth or i will gag. I don't think of it as food but something i have to do to keep the hunger away and to lose weight of course.

Find which ones you can bear and stick to them for a while is my advice.

Apparently your tastes change after a while but not for me, just a smell of a soup is enough to make me vomit.


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I'm really sorry but I do believe you have to think positive, and have a sunny outlook, and believe that the next 100 days are gonna be a breeze.

Try with the consistency, I prefer my soups and shakes as watery as possible, and put about 450mls of water in with mine, but another lady in the class only uses about 200mls, yet thick shakes made me gag, I just disn't like the feel of them rather than the taste.

Have you got any chocolate shakes, you could try that as a hot chocolate to start you off. I'd be quite happy to have 21 raspberry shakes a week, so just find a flavour you like and have that, it wont do you any harm.
Thank you all for your lovely words. I was on a MEGA downer last night, and have come round a bit more now.

Last night the thai chilli went down the sink after about a third of it, I didn't like it at all. But I "cooked" a chicken soup one into a thing - lol - it was meant to be a poppadom but was a bit soggy underneath! Not nice but least it wasn't soup.

This morning I have had a strawberry shake, and it was ok. I think I'll leave the soups and only stick to the shakes - I didn't really like soup before LL so I don't think they stand a lot of chance! I'm looking forward to Weds (weigh day) as I'll be able to get the bars and that's a little more variety.

I DON'T want to fail or give in - I feel this is my last chance of being slim or it's surgery - which I don't really want to go through.

Think I'll take my boys off to the beach now, always good to chill down there, and we're only 5 mins away in the car.

:thankyou: again ;)


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Have a lovely time at the beach - I miss not being near the sea so much!
Try not to throw any away no matter how icky - you will be missing vital nutrients and fibre and protein that you need. I once emptied an entire jar of black pepper into a double soup and had to try to retrieve what I could!
It's all trial and error at the start isn't it? I probably spent about 4 months on mushroom soup alone! I'm down to a very limited choice these days, but you find a way to make it work. Chocolate and vanilla both make fabulous ice cream, and also 'chocolate' if you freeze them. They're the only 2 sweet packs I can have. Out of nowhere, Tai Chilli returned and I can only have that one and mushroom out of the soups. Weirdly, a carving for nut crunch also made a come back - that and the toffee are the only bars I can face.
I too would choose a pack over the 'normal' version, ie my choc icecream with a cup of strong espresso is something I think I'll want forever! (I know - weirdo :D)

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