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Hi Blitz,

My GP said yes!!! he was really nice and said depending on my experience's on the diet and how effective it is he will probably recommend it to some of his patients, who like me have tried everything else diet wise without much success.

I am going to pick my packs up at 1 and will start today. I have got 25 weeks to my renewal, and if I lost 3lb a week till then I will still be 18lb off my goal weight, so the sooner I start the better.

How are you doing today? Is it getting easier?

Speak soon.
Chris. xx

Thats great news. Is your doctor going to monitor your progess as well. I think that we worried about going because its that facing up to the fact that we have a problem and having to speak to someone about it.

Good luck with the start of the diet and keep focused of why you want to lose the weight. Its amazing how many times Ive been on this site since the start, I find it helps to share and ask questions to people who know what we are going through.

Im still doing ok, a little bit more hungry today before my 2nd shake but nothing unbearable. I feel so confident that I can finally do something about my weight that has been getting to me for a long time.

Dont forget to post anytime