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Bloated & lethargic

I feel awful this morning, in fact I am so bloated and tired that I could happily go straight back to bed!

I'm only a week in and wondered if it's just my body adjusting to the big change in what I'm feeding it. Any ideas? Also, I don't want to shout about it but I feel quite constipated and have been eating lots of fibrous things so that's quite a surprise too!

Boo :confused:

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It could be your body getting used to all the carbs. Do you mostly do ee? You could try a couple of original days throughout the week. Also you could try scan bran - I can't stand it, it's like eating cardboard but is apparently very good for keeping you regular

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Hi Little Strawberry,

I'm veggie so I stick to green days and thinking about it I have definitely been filling up on carbs more than I had been - got to do something to make up for the pizza and crisps I'd been gorging on before!

Not sure I can ever eat scan bran though, tried it once and yes agree it is like cardboard, don't know how anyone forces that stuff down! ; )

Maybe I should just see how I feel in a few days and then try some new tactics just feel like a big potato at the moment!! Bx


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I'm sure it's your body getting used to the change of diet. Just make sure you drink lots of water too, as you're eating so much fibre.


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A few things that I find help

As others have said drink plenty of water, I also put a couple of slices of lemon in the first glass as swear it helps digestion

Aloe vera juice - can't recommend it enough - I have have a little each morning - a bottle lasts along time as keep in fridge and just have about 10-15ml

Eating melon, strawberries, kiwi regularly especially water based fruits like melon

Fresh beetroot

Thanks everyone ... been getting stuck into the water and I have the makings of beetroot soup for my lunch too, fingers crossed I'll be back to normal soon! :)

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