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Blood Pressure Readings


Making it all add up
Aparently there has been an edict from LL HO that all councillors have 4 weekly BP readings or they are not permitted to give out food packs.

I know this is a requirement when you join, but understand from others that this has been fairly flexibly monitored in the past and some of the guys in my group have never had readings since the first doctor's note.

Just thought I'd best warn you, and the LLC cannot accept a self-reading (even if you are a doctor/nurse) as they will be audited.
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This is not new, its actually supposed to happen every 4 weeks according to the booklet you get, i believe some are very relaxed and hardly check or not check at all, i have only done it once and to be honest i measure mine at home all the time so im comfortable with it.

One thing i believe most people hate is going to the pharmacy and getting it done, its not a true test environment and it causes whats know as "white coat syndrome" where your blood pressure elavated due to you being stressed out by the procedure and environment, the true test is when you are at home and relaxed.

Im one of these people and at the pharmacy my BP starts at 148/75 and starts to drop to 128/70. I just can ease up. at home im 118/70 or 114/70

But yeah its always been the rule to get it done
As H said, it's always been the rule, but every LLC is different and I'm guessing a lot of them arn't going to miss out on the money you are willingly giving them just 'cos you didn't get it done.

I had my first one done at 6weeks, my LLC only asked about it at the meeting when I gave it to him, but since then he does keep reminding us all that we have to have it done, I'm due to have one done again before next Friday (5th) I think.

Personally I don't get nervous in the doc's so my pulse/BP tends to be pretty much accurate.

That is, unless I end up with the cute nurse taking my readings ;) :p :D
I Have my own blood pressure reading as im Diabetic and take tablets for blood pressure but now im on day 2 of week 4 my blood pressure reading was 120/80 this morning which is classed as ideal I also have a bllod sample devise for testing the blood sugar levels of your blood and that is now mid range
Im looking forward to seeing my Doc next week as she was not that impressed at ,me wanting to go on this diet and suggested I just do a calorie controllled healthy eating plan
I told he r I had done that before with little success and got bored way before goal so this time I want to get to goal on LL and then do RTM and then introduce a healthy eating plan which should be easier as it will be a maintenance issue rather than having to lose 5 stone which on WW or SW seems unrealist wheras on LL I have lost over 1.5 stone in 3 weeks so 5 stone now unbeliveably seems realistic


LighterLife Returner
Good luck James - the 5 Stone will fly off - That will show that GP! ;-)

I got my occupation health nurse (the nurse at work) to take the readings every 4 weeks, but I was never denied the packs if I was late getting it checked...


Making it all add up


Making it all add up
Back on topic, been to the Docs today & BP has dropped in the past 4 weeks, whilst never high it's much closer to mid-range already.

GP also very impressed with weight loss to date and overall well being.

AND, she weighed me & I'm 3lb less than at WI on Wednesday (but I'm putting that down to different scales & time of day), still nice to see


Making it all add up
Hi James

A little but deliberately trying not to do too much.

Basically walking 20-30 mins each day then 1-2 trips to the gym (25 mins on bike (HR ~ 130 bpm), 10-15 mins X-trainer, then 10 mins light weights) that's all.

VERY happy with pace of weight loss though, I'm incresingly becoming convinced that whilst I've never been 'thin' my natural shape/size is heavy but muscular/fit!!

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